Myanmar Highway Road Map

Burma Highway Road Map

It is not always easy to talk to outsiders about roads in Myanmar (Burma). The South Dakota Road Map shows the main roads, state highway, interstate highways, US federal highway, state boundary and cities in SD state of USA. Burma description and motorway distance map on the back. Map. from Google Earth.

The Myanmar road map shows the national motorways, highways, main roads and road networks spread across Myanmar and the surrounding cities.

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Removal of address, town, city, etc. Distances to address, town, city etc. It is an on-line utility to determine the distances and direction of travel between two Myanmar locations, places, towns, hamlets, municipalities, cities in Myanmar and Myanmarairairports. Map and route description to Myanmar. Myanmar's distances are expressed in kilometres (km), mileage, and mileage.

Use this Myanmar milometer to calculate the odometer reading in mph. Burma and Myanmar District Chart: The table shows some of the most important towns in Myanmar.

Traffic in Myanmar (Burma) - Highway

Road transport, like most other nations in the hemisphere, is the most important form of communications in Myanmar. Although they are linked by the railways, the conditions of Myanmar's trains make it too hard for most normal human beings to use the railways as the main means of transport in Myanmar.

While some cities can also be reached by water, the journey along the riverbank is very sluggish in comparison to road transport and therefore not always practicable. As a result, most of the population depends on road transport to get around Myanmar. It is not always simple to talk to the outside world about streets in Myanmar (Burma).

The majority of foreign nationals are living in wealthy lands, where the streets are in very good conditions, and all cities and small communities are linked by fully cleared streets in very good state. It is a hard job to explain to the aliens something that does not happen in their own land until they actually come to Myanmar.

After the 2007 number ( "we could not yet get the 2008 number"), there are 11 Union Highway with a combined mileage of 2,452 kilometers from N to SO. These motorways add further east-west motorways. There are 45 north-south motorways of 5,692 and 35 east-west motorways of 9,450 mile.

As a result, there are 80 motorways with a combined length of 15,142 mile. Myanmar has three principal motorways or lanes that run from North to South. Mandalay (Rangoon - Mandalay) motorway. This road leads through large towns in the centre of Burma such as Bago (Pegu), Taungoo, Pyinmana, the new capitol Naypyidaw and Meikhtila (Meiktila).

Yangon-Pyay (Rangoon-Prome) Street. The road was constructed with the help of the government of Japan and is regarded as the best highway in Myanmar. The Western Union Highway. It is part of a planned Pathein - Monywa Highway, which will connect the western part of the Irrawaddy River (Ayeyarwaddy).

It is still under building and for the most part the road is in very poor state. From these three major hallways there are several important highways. Several of these streets are very important for the economy of the land, which they are notable for.

Sandalay Lashio Road. The road begins in Mandalay and ends in Lashio, from where another road stretches to Muse, the city bordering China. It is the most important road on the China-Burma frontier. It is 262 km from Mandalay to Lashio.

Mueikhtila - Taunggyi Street. It is an extension of Yangon - Mandalay Road. The road from Meikhtila (Meiktila), which is on the way from Yangon to Mandalay, leads to Taunggyi, the capitol of Shan State. The Pyay-Magway Road (Prome-Magwe Road). It is actually a sequel of the Yangon - Pyay Highway.

The road from Magwe to Bagan, past Yenanchaung, is the largest petroleum mining community in mainland Burma. A further road links Bagan (from Kyaukpandaung) and Meikhtila (Meikhtila) and thus links the eastern and western passage. Motorways in Myanmar can be divided into tolerable, impoverished, very impoverished and very impoverished according to the state of the road.

Myanmar's only highway with acceptance level is the Yangon-Pyay (Rangoon - Prome) Highway. This road was constructed with the help of the Japanes goverment and is regarded as the best in Myanmar. It is slippery and even with very few unevenness and punctures. The road is quite small, however, only two traffic lanes, the second one was added only a few years ago.

Recently this road has been showing some signs of deterioration due to lack of maintenance, although it is still in good condition. Myanmar's second big highway, and the most important is the Yangon - Mandalay Highway. Up until a few years ago, this road was between bad and very bad road condition, according to the route.

With the improvements made in recent years, however, the road surface has now reached a level tolerable for bad weather as well. In most places the road is two-lane, in some areas near Yangon and Mandalay four-lane. Myanmar's third main highway, the Western Union Highway, is the poorest.

Constructed on the west shore of the Irrawaddy (Ayeyarwaddy) river, its qualities range from very bad to very bad. Many places it is either a rocky road to the unpaved road. On many routes it is very hard for automobiles and coaches to use. This road is not used most of the year by travellers, except for those who cover brief journeys between cities on the west shore of Irrawaddy.

The route from Mandalay to Lashio and Muse is qualitatively reasonable. This road, constructed by the UK and Americans as part of Burma Road, has undergone extensive renovation over the last decade to cope with the strong flow of Myanmar-China frontier-trafficking. Today, this road is one of the most important commercial routes in Myanmar.

Aside from these main thoroughfares, most other motorways in Myanmar are either in very bad to very bad conditions, with the exemption of a few low grade road. The majority of the streets are full of uneven surfaces and potholes, even before the road officially opens. A few streets turned into unsealed streets within a few years or in some cases after a few inaugurations.

The majority of streets have little or no maintenance and are suffering from severe deterioration of the building fabric, bad maintenance and bad weathers. As a result, most streets in Myanmar are unusable for small vehicles. If you are looking for a trip to Myanmar (Burma) by road, please see Road Trips to Burma.

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