Myanmar Highway Express

The Myanmar Highway Express

This itinerary was proposed between the old Yangon-Mandalay Highway and the Pegu Yoma Mountains. This itinerary was proposed between the old Yangon-Mandalay Highway and the Pegu Yoma Mountains. Yangon Collection Point - JJ Express Bus - Myanmar Forum

I' m trying to buy JJ Express website and there are three pickup point choices in Yangon: Mingalar Station, Zero Mile and Highway Toll Gates. I found Aung Mingalar Station on a chart, but I can't find Zero Mile or Highway Toll at all. The safest way is to go to the JJ Express station at Aung Mingalar station.

Hwytollgate seems good out of Yangon, must be the beginning of the highway. Null Mile may be Sule but not sure. While we were travelling with JJ Express, we made reservations on their site and promptly responded to our queries, so why not get in touch with them? I took the coach at Aung Mingalar railway yard.

Hwy Toll Gate's out of the city. The Sule Pagoda seems to be Zero Mile, but there are many busses that stop there, and if you have to stand in the opposite spot and walk across the street, you may miss your pickup. Mini busses run from Sule Pagode to Mingalar central and take you to the JJ Express offices (or as close as possible).

Free beverages are available in the offices while you are waiting. Zero Mile Yangon is actually the Post Offic. Her Zero Mile could mean her offices near Yangon Central Train Station. Yes, there is also a pick-up from your Yangon Central near Yangon Central but not right in front of the train stop.

If your coach leaves at 6pm, for example, you will have to take the boat from your city centre offices at 3.30pm.

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Checking in at the coach terminal was fast and simple, no trouble, reserved seating, try to get places in the center of the coach for a less rough trip. Seating was more than an ordinary place on a normal coach or plane. You' re also traveling quite a distance to help you get some rest.

Sockets in the newer busses next to each of the seats were convenient for charging my mobile phones. A large TV in front of each seating area is pre-installed with current films and audio, so please be sure to take your earphones with you! There' s AC to keep everyone chilly, but it can be a bit too chilly sometimes, so get a couple of coats.

I was able to get a little grateful rest, although I usually find it very hard to get a good night's rest in busses and airplanes. Please do not forget to take a cushion and earplugs! The bus reached its final destination punctually, was fast and simple, after getting out I gave them my baggage trailer to pick up my bags and drove to the city.

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