Myanmar Highlights

Burma Highlights

Like its neighbour Thailand, Myanmar has much more to offer outside its capital Yangon. Burma is irrefutably one of the most authentic places on earth where nature and ancient culture have been largely spared the urge of modernity. Tours and cultural tours in Myanmar. Visiting Myanmar is a magical experience. This is the best of Myanmar, from the ancient temples of Bagan to the tranquil shores of Lake Inle.

Burma highlights: Family Holidays

It is the ultimate Myanmar vacation for families - but also for those who have less travel or are looking for a three-station vacation. A pulsating urban adventure, historic temple in dust and antique Bagan, a wonderful lakeside adventure where locals meet before they relax on the beaches for three whole-day.

There may also be some who would like to consider involving Mandalay in this journey.... You could end up in Mandalay instead of going back to Yangon for your intern. Dag 1 - Welcome to Myanmar! Now you can take a personal guided walk through the gleaming, glittering Shwedagon Pass. Inclusive of a hearty Nepalese traditionally served breakfasts, sacrifices for friars and the monk as well as the monk's side of the river, a soothsayer' call and a Myanmar luncheon.

Have a free afternoons. The Minnanthu is probably the most popular sanctuary among the regular Bagan-goers because it is calm, nice and often totally abandoned. This evening you will have a personal cruise on the powerful Ayarwaddy and a few sundowner on a sand bank in the centre of the canal. We will take a tour around the pond in a small powerboat this mornings to explore the area.

High points are the visit of the swimming garden, the visit of some of the well-known Beinrudererer, the visit of the Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda and the visit of a multicolored traditionally fair, which is visited by Shan and PaO-Leuten in the proximity. At the end of your journey we will take you to Ngapali Bay, which has quickly become one of our favorite beaches in Southeast Asia.

For the last three outings we have not scheduled anything for you to enjoy, so you can rest, think about and enjoy everything you have seen from the comforts of the Yoma Cherry Hotel (rooms overlooking the top garden). After a cosy breakfeast we take you back to Yangon, where you will be arriving at 1 pm.

Nothing has been organized from here for you to take your home trip internationally. These itineraries start at 1,600 per passenger B&B on a 2 share basis and include all personal transfer, but not non-residents. They can fly back from as little as 500 per capita and ask our help.

We can also arrange the flight for you, but there may be a reservation charge. There are also a number of different accommodation options to choose from. Are there any airfares in this budge? Special situation, beaches, restaurants, doubles, shared/private swimming pools, cook, room services, massage therapist, etc.... where do you have?

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