Myanmar Hidden Gems

Burma Hidden Gemstones

Unfortunately only Canada is a hidden jewel, but it´s is currently closed! Mandalay, in northern Myanmar, is the second largest city in the country. Mandalay experience: Myanmar's hidden gem.

Away from the well-trodden paths: andalay and Bagan, the hidden gems in Myanmar

Myanmar's most favourite travel destination, Mandalay and Bagan, but with a little know-how you can still find hidden treasure off the well-trodden paths. One of the most beloved but not to be missed activities is a stroll along the U Bein Bridge in Amarapura, a hamlet on the edge of Mandalay, less than 30 minutes by car.

This teak wooden viaduct spanning Lake Taungthaman is over one kilometer long and was built in the mid-19th cen. years. Unbelievable that the viaduct is still carried by many of its pristine columns! When the sun sets, the lights reflect from the sea and create a wonderful ambience, which means that the bridges can be overrun by visitors and jewelry trades!

You will find yourself in a completely different situation when several hundred village inhabitants and friars cross the river at the beginning of their work. This glistening main stupa, constructed in 1857 by King Mindon Min, is encircled by more than 700 smaller, brightly coloured stupas.

Each of these Stupa contains a plate of granite and each is labeled with text from Tipitaka, the sacred Theravada Buddhist script. Located at the bottom of Mandalay so if you are tired of read, you can ascend the mound and enjoy a stunning view over the town. Surrounded by shallow plateaus and paddy fields, Mandalay is the perfect place for a bike-tour.

Watch the peasants irrigate buffalo and goat as you ride through the paddy paddies. Enjoy the sight and sound of the villages: You can even take a three-day bike ride from Mandalay to Bagan if you feel like it! Visiting Bagan is a must before you go to the city. Bagan has been a flourishing Theravada Buddhist center for many hundreds of years.

Visiting the city of Legaing, less than an hour's car ride from Mandalay, offers an glimpse of what Bagan used to be. More than 6000 friars and monastics are living in the immediate vicinity of the town. Scale the cliffy steps of Legaing Hill for a glimpse of monastery activity and stunning vistas of the Irrawaddy River. In November, attend the Kaunghmudaw Pagoda Festival, which attracts masses of people from the nearby towns to see the performance of the Kaunghmudaw Masters.

When you come to Bagan to see one of the great archeological places of Southeast Asia, you will not be dissapointed. Take two or three day to explore the Bagan Lagoons and Pupas and perhaps rent a horse-drawn carriage to move between the two. If you' ve been exploring Bagan's temple onfoot, why not from heaven again?

Ballooning is very much loved in Bagan, and there is a good reasons for this: only in this way can you really feel the unbelievable range of Bagan. To get a foretaste of the city' s cultural life, come to the Bagan Centres. An early bird`s-eye view of the Mani Sithu Square will take you upside down into the colorful attractions and stinging scents of the area.

Traditionally we serve our breakfasts with seafood noodles, served with seafood stock and cakes. Lahpet, or tealeaf lettuce, is a favourite treat. A variety of Indian, Chinese and Thai cuisines - from Currys to pasta and rices. Usually a regular order of Htamine (rice) is served with a curried or roasted meal and a variety of toppings.

When you come to Bagan to see one of the great archeological places of Southeast Asia, you will not be dissapointed. During the relatively cold, arid winters between November and February is the best season to travel. Burma Myanmaryat ("pronounced chat").

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