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Thousands of people commemorated Myanmar's fallen heroes or martyrs on Wednesday. Trash Hero Myanmar added a new photo - in Yangon. Group of Mexican fans posing for a photo with slanting eyes. Burmese soldiers, they said, shot Rohingya women and children as they fled. Picture by Dan Kitwood-Getty Images.

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av _abdm = _abdm |||| [];_abdm.push(["1512023572", "InPage", "1512024292", "InPage_1512024292"]); var _abdm = _abdm |||| [];_abdm. Wednesday saw the commemoration of Myanmar's dead or martyred characters by tens of thousand in number. Nine Myanmar performers, too. Starting July 19, you can see the work of Soe Htet Aung, Myoe Kyaw, Htin Lin Naing, Thaw Thaw Tint, Wanna Thit Pin, Ko Thet, Ko Soe, Nyein Chan Ko for 22 nights at the Maharzan Fine Arts Museum near Kandawgyi Parks in Yangon.

Twenty-two works in the exhibition are a portrait serie of Bogyoke Aung San, the father of the nation. There are two colourful profiles of the painter Htin Lin Naing. Bogyoke Aung San shows the first picture with a talk (cover of the weekend), the second picture shows him on his way to parliament, disguised as a member of parliament and with the Bamar uniforms or Gaung-baung, the pen (traditional men's jacket) and a Taung Shay Pasoe (Longyi men).

A more impressionistic feel of the first portraiture is a symbol of Htin Lin Naing's work. "I wanted to show a very proactive picture of Bogyoke because he was an energy man," said the painter Htin Lin Naing. Maharzan, the Maharzan Fine Arts Gallery's proprietor, could not contain his joy: The Bogyoke Aung San's profiles will be on view in Maharzan until 31 July.

We are open between 10 am and 7 pm.

Aung La Nsang is named the crowning woman of the championship - she is considered the first of the country in a major game.

Five years ago Aung La Nsang was unidentified in Myanmar. The 32-year-old's name will never be overlooked here after he won the very first ever championship trophy in combat sports with a breathtaking excitement over Russia's Vitaly Bigdash on Friday evening. "It was the supporters who gave me this victory," said Nsang after winning the mid-weight championship unanimously.

Before the struggle for Yangon, there was much discussion about whether or not Myanmar had ever had a championship in any kind of sports, apart from the country's tradition of warfare. Myanmar's lack of record due to its turbulent past means that no final response could be found, but what is certain is that Nsang is the contemporary hero of the land for these 54 million people.

"He' s unbelievably powerful, but I felt at peace," Nsang said. I' m hoping to be an inspirational force for the Myanmari. When Nsang was a young man, he abandoned his family's home in the north of Myitkyina to continue his education, first in Yangon and then in the United States, before he found a mixture of fighting skills and - in 2014 - was spotted by the Singapore organization One and returned to Asia to work.

In January Nsang was drafted with a deadline of only 10 days to face the undefeated - and apparently inexorable - Bigdash in a championship in Jakarta. On the third lap he took a big lefthand leg on his face, but bravely struggled to the last clock before unanimously defeating the Russian.

This was an endeavor that contributed to his burgeoning Myanmar myth, and he came home this weekend and saw a totally different animal - healthy and concentrated. On Friday evening Nsang lay down on a violent attack in the first round of the crowded Thuwunna Indoor Stadium and hit Bigdash on the mats. Somehow the 32-year-old Russians remained in the battle and the next four laps were close.

About 8,000 local people were present - they were sounding like 80,000 - and Nsang said his supporters had worn him to the win. "I couldn't do this without you, Myanmar," Nsang shouted into the mike when he got the sash. However, the point was Nsang, whose sports records go to 20-10, one without competition - and whose place in the country's past is now secured.

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