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In the last six decades, Myanmar's population has suffered enormous hardship, including internal conflicts, violence and huge natural disasters. Answer by Primark: The Myanmar Foreign Investment Tracking Project It is Primark's answer to the Myanmar Foreign Investment Tracking Project of the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre. Is your business having investment or activity in or seriously considering investment or operation in Myanmar? Please inform us of the type of investment and the geographical areas and municipalities concerned.

Penneys has no immediate Capex in Myanmar. In Myanmar (Yangon and Bago), Primark produces small orders from a selected group of plants that comply with and are subject to monitoring of our Code of Conduct for Suppliers with regard to ethics issues. Are you in possession of guidelines and processes to avoid your commercial activity or investing in Myanmar helping to contribute to violations of people' s dignity and civil conflicts (including, for example, due-diligence on the issue of people' s rights)?

Indicate whether these guidelines and practices are applicable to your business in general or to your Myanmar investments in particular. Do you have guidelines and processes on respecting the protection of people' s dignity in relation to investments or activities in Myanmar, are you willing to publish them on our website? And who in your management is in charge of adherence to the guidelines and processes in No. 2?

Primark's Ethical Trade Director, Katharine Stewart, has overall responsibilities for the Ethical Trade & Sustainability Program. He is an Paul Lister, directeur des services juridiques et secrétaire général, ABF. Do you have a plan to do so if you do not yet have a policy and procedure on people?

Did your organization consult with employees and labor unions in Myanmar plants before starting supplier activities or at any other point after starting supplier activities? We have contacted major interest groups, as part of our broader due-diligence process, either directly and/or through the Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) Myanmar Responsible Source working group, and include employee groups and labor Unions.

What steps does your organization take to avoid or alleviate disputes affecting its business or neighboring communities within the organization (including military disputes, intercommunal disputes and acts of God, etc.)? Can you please indicate your strategies, processes or specific actions in this respect, as well as actions for the commitment of the European Union and dialogues and revenue-sharing arrangements? Whom should municipalities or civic groups turn to if they have issues or doubts about their investments or activity in Myanmar?

Do you have guidelines and processes in your organization for the following areas?

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