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Nearly half of all people living with HIV have no access to treatment in Myanmar. Burma is home to about half of the world's remaining teak. Bazar since the end of August after fleeing the terrible violence in neighbouring Myanmar. Half a century ago, my grandfather was U Thant, Secretary-General of the United Nations, but before that he was an official in Myanmar. More than half of malaria cases and about three quarters of malaria deaths in the region are in Myanmar.

one and a half weeks in Myanmar - Myanmar Forum

Hello, We have about 9/10 day in Myanmar and we think there is enough spare space to make 3 places. Does it make sense to take Bagan to Inlelake or before? Is it profitable to have a rider for some/all traveling parts? The route looks good, but I would take a day or two off and put it on Inle Lake.

Two full day's worth to see the attractions of Yangon. Feasible and just enough to take the Night Buses route with 9/10 day. It' better to take a few flights ( maybe from Bagan to Heho ("Inle Lake") or Heho to Mandalay) to save your precious little while.

Upon your arriving in Bagan it is good to take the rider for your tour of Bagan and Mt.Popa. The Bagan should be the first as the Inle-See. With both of them we will switch to Inle lake on the 8th and trade Bagan with Inle hash. Thought most of the timesaving would go from Inle Lake to Yangon or Yangon to Bagan, not Bagan > Inle Lake.

If I take the Bagan - Inle Lake shuttle service, how long will it take? Puzzled about: Flying from Heho to Mandalay, should it go from Inle Sea to Bagan? Hi, why are you proposing Bagan to Inle lake? During this period, how dependable are Heho International Airports' services?

I am worried about flying down from Heho to Yangon due to low clouds and bad day. I' ve reserved a plane to depart Myanmar via Yangon on September 22nd. Hhoo = 45 minute ride by cab to l'Inle Lakes International Airports. Thanks to Rolf, what I thought, but why Helo to Madanlay, we would go from Ile to Yangon.

So don't be worried about a typing error "HeHo to MadanLay" if you don't want to go to MadanLay.... It' much less expensive than hiring a buggy and drivers safely and you have about 9 net working nights - minus the amount of travel by bus/car all around the clock. oh see, i thought it might do with better transfers Manadaly to Yangon.

In my opinion, most Burma carriers are flying counter-clockwise, so maybe Yangon - Heho - Bagan - Yangon. Also, comment I suggest over night babes as great interactions with local people who speak English and also spares to waste perhaps half a days of your travel at Airports and long Taxi trips.

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