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50 images of Myanmar

I knew this land would be something unique from the minute I got off the plane in Mandalay. Nevertheless, the long way to our lodge was greeted with tens of kind smilies when I received my first Myanmar words, "mingalaba" (hello). You can feel the heat of the Myanmar tribe in every part of the world, from the very beloved Bagan to the rarely visited Kayah state.

While I could go on and on about how much I loved Myanmar, I thought it would be best to have images tell the tale. These are my 50 favourite images from the journey to make up for the terrible inconsistencies in this blogs (sorry guys).

To apologize, there is also a small promotional gift at the end of this article, so read on. I' m sure some folks just rolled down, which was a big flaw, because the images are bound to it. The thing I like least about my own blogs is that my capacity to exchange images is restricted by the limitations of broadband.

So the more images I download (and of better quality), the more slowly the website is loaded. It' a disgrace, because some of the above pictures look much better in fullscreen.

After 22 years as a servant, Myanmar's fishermen go home.

TUAL, Indonesia - He just asked to go home. Last of all, when the Myanmar slaves made the same plea, he was almost bludgeoned to his deaths. However, after eight years away on a ship in distant Indonesia, Myint Naing was willing to take all risks to see his mum.

He had nightmares full of her dream and history gradually steals her face from his memories. He was barking aloud enough to be told that Myint would be murdered in an attempt to leave the vessel. In the scorching sundowner Myint remained burning for three whole day and shivering in the night lymph, without eating and drink.

And he never wanted to see his mom again. Each year, tens of thousand of migrant labourers are outsmarted like Myint or marketed to the gravelly underground of the shellfish industries. He is a thin, soft-spoken man with the wirey power of a man who has worked his whole being. It comes from a small town on a small, dirt track in the south of Myanmar, the oldest of four young people.

He was drowning in 1990, so that he was only 15 years old. So, three years later, when a quick-acting estate agents came to the neighbourhood with tales of employment in Thailand, Myint was easy courted. Fed $300 for only a few month' work - enough for some family to last a year.

Not so sure about his mum, Khin Than. None of them knew it, but at that point Myint began a trip that would take him away thousand of kilometres from his ancestors. But on the date he departed home in 1993, everything Myint saw was a pledge. Myint's 10-year-old nurse was wiping her eyes as he saw his new enlisted men grabbing her pockets immediately, and Myint's 10-year-old nurse was wiping herself down her cheek as he walked the country lane from her town.

He didn't have a mom. Thailand-US$7 billion a year in a shellfish factory that works with workers from the poorer parts of the nation, together with Cambodia, Laos and especially Myanmar, also known as Burma. Myint was pushed onto a small ship after the Thai frontier policemen were slightly bypassed and detained for more than a months in a small shed with little shelter.

These men spent 15 and a half day at sea and eventually didcked in the Far East of Indonesia. Thought he was only going to fish in Thai territorial waters for a few month. The young were instead taken to the Isle of Tual in the Arafura Ocean, one of the wealthiest fisheries in the word with tunas, mackerels, squid, shrimps and other profitable exports.

He lived for a few days on the open sea, lived only on the parts of the fish that no one else would have. He lived for a few days on the open sea, lived only on the parts of the fish that no one else would have.

He discovered several inflated objects hovering in the sea. He then went to the workroom on the jetty and asked to go home for the first one. That'?s the first run. He was cured when an Indonean hostess took pity on Myint and provided him with nourishment and accommodation in return for working on her ranch.

Teaching fluency in Indonesia, he got a flavour for the meal, although it was much sweetter than the savoury Myanmar meals his mum made. However, he could not have forgotten his Myanmar family or the boyfriends he had abandoned on the row. Myint sometimes silently went to visit other escaped Myint slaveers on the African islands to discuss his homeland and brought a large pouch of his own grown vegetable.

He was wondering if it would get better on the boats. Eight years after his arrival in Indonesia, he went back to the ocean. Angry and despairing, the Myanmar slaves asked to go home again. There was something Myint was looking for, something to open the castle. He then succeeded in turning a small chunk of steel into a temporary pimple and spend some time unlocking liberty quickly and noiselessly.

and if he was captured, it would be quick for him to die. Forever, this one. In the last ten years outside observers have started to take note, and the US administration strikes Thailand year after year in US yearlies because of the ubiquitous abuse of labour in it. When he walked for the second consecutive run, Myint hid alone in a hut with bamboos in the jungles.

As he became too ill to work, the same family cared for him with a friendliness that reminds him of kin at home. He' had forgot what his mom was like and knew that his favourite little nurse would have become an adult by now. All he didn't know was that his mom was like him:

There was a point when another man from Burma shared with the Myint Indonesian community that he fished and got remarried. Myint never wanted to be tied to the land that had ruined his world. Eight more years in the jungles without a watch and calendars, however, caused a blurring of space. He was afraid to get in touch with the Myanmar message because it would unmask him as an irregular immigrant.

Burma. Myint went to the Isle of Dobo, where he had learned of other people. There was another memory of Myint that if he wanted to live, he had to do it cautiously. As the officers came to Dobo, he went with them back to Tual, where he was once a servant - this times to join several hundred other free men.

Myint went home after 22 years in Indonesia. There was another memory of Myint that if he wanted to live, he had to do it cautiously. Flying from Indonesia to Myanmar's largest town, Yangon, was a frightening premiere for Myint. Leaving the aiport with a small bag and a donation of a cap and shirts - everything he had to show abroad for his long years.

He returned to his land as a foreigner. Burma was no longer governed by a mysterious army regime, and Aung San Suu Kyi, the head of the Myanmar Movement, was free from years of detention and parliament. It fought to turn 15,000 rupees into about 1,000 Myanmar Kyats, both about $1. The meal was different, and so were the greetings.

Whilst he was waiting with other former slave men for the coach to Mon State, they were not chatting in their home country Burma, but in Bahasa Indonesia. Wondering if he would even recognise his mom and kid or if they would recognise him. He had a wife, but his mom was gone. Scared as Myint was scanning the street, his sisters desperately dialing a number.

Myint, his mom and sis went hand in hand to the ordinary stilted home of his early years. He ran to her, soaked to the bone, and breathed three times into her throat. Myint, his mom and sis went hand in hand to the ordinary stilted home of his early years. He ran to her, soaked to the bone, and breathed three times into her throat.

Gradually she came to life and Myint looked her in the eye for a long time. The Myint Naing account comes from his interview with him, his wife and daughter, his boyfriends and other former slave, and from the pursuit of his trip from a temporary refugee camps for saved men in an Indonesian harbor in Tual, Indonesia, to his home in Myanmar.

Reporter document how slaver sea bass are transported from Indonesia to Thailand.

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