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This is a guided tour through the pagodas of Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar, where you can enjoy the.... BACK TO GUIDED TOURS.

Guided tours of the finest quality for discerning travellers. Take your free hike in Yangon and discover its culture, incredible sites, stories and legends with entertaining and passionate local guides. Compare all of Myanmar (Burma) private tours, cruises and vacations from hundreds of companies. Myanmar Photo Tour includes four main destinations that will be explored and photographed.

Burma Top 10 Sightseeing Tours (w/prices)

Yangon, the former capitol of Myanmar (Burma), can be explored on an all-day citydrive! Under the guidance of a qualified instructor you will get an impression of the lives of..... Take the half-day trip to see some of Yangon's attractions, guided by a qualified English speaker. Explore the best of Yangon with this all-day personal guided tours from Yangon Town or Yangon Aiport.

The Yangon Walks are a great way to see more of the town, especially architectural, cultural and historical issues that would normally be overlooked. Not only does this trip give you the new adventure of driving a trimshaw through the centre of the town, but also the opportunity to discover the many different styles of colonialism.....

Take this 3-hour hike and discover Myanmar's biggest town, Yangon, with your expert guides. Discover it all afternoon with the horse-drawn carriage in Bagan, which will take you to historical remains and the beautiful marvellous outcrops. Discover the true Yangon from the local people's perspective and hear the interesting story of this astonishing town.

Discover nostalgic monuments and remarkable couples on... Catch the full Yangon adventure in this all-inclusive trip! Take the train to areas that are not often seen by visitors, where you can discover the surroundings..... See the well-preserved Yangon town centre coloured colorful architectural style on a walk through the city's most attractive monuments.

For the adventurous outdoors, Kalaw Hiking is the best place for you. They can take the astonishing two day a overnight trek from... Sourthern Shan State (Kalaw) is the only place where you can take brief, light hikes during your trek and savour the beautiful natural landscape.

An unhurried half-day stroll through the village and the countryside around Hpa An, a great way to get to know the industry, lifestyles and conversation with the natives..... The Mandalay is the second biggest town and the last kingly capitol of Burma. Situated 716 km from Yangon on the eastern shore of the Irrawaddy River, this.....

Cycling through limestone mounds in Hpa-An, Kayin towns and breathtaking scenery. Discover the former Myanmar capitol with its centuries-old palaces and splendid architectural style of the UK. You can enjoy the 12-hour Yangon guided tours with our..... Discover Yangon, the former capitol of Myanmar (Burma), on a half-day guided walking trip!

Guided by a qualified instructor, you will get an impression of the..... The 3-hour hike is for a small group of up to 8 persons, guided by an expert English speaker. The hike concentrates on....

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