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Myanmar Lonely Planet (Burma) (travel guide) eBook: Useful links & website for your trip in Myanmar or Asia. announcements Information in the following guidelines and documentation is for information only and does not and should not be construed as such. Counselling should be sought from a professional counselor for all special circumstances. We at EuroCham will be pleased to put you in touch.

Guides and textbooks

We have put together a listing of the best guidebooks and interesting ones about Myanmar. Historic textbooks are always interesting to give you a better insight into the beauty of the landscape and its importance before your journey. Myanmar Lonely Planet Myanmar (Burma) is a complete guide to Myanmar's favourite tourist attractions, with colorful cards, inside information and ratings for every budget.

See Shwedagon Paya's pure grandeur and mystic atmosphere, explore the water-bound Inle Lake sanctuaries, or hover with your familiar travelling guide in a hot-air baloon over the apogee. Come to the heartland of Myanmar (Burma) and start your trip now! The new first issue of DK Eyewitness Guide on Asia's best destination.

Burma offers fascinating monasteries, more than a thousand leagues of unspoilt sandy beach and an inviting cultural experience - all just a brief plane ride from Bangkok - and DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Burma contains everything a traveller needs to know. Proposed routes emphasize the attractions not to be missed and help travellers schedule travel by length of sojourn, which include a two-week Myanmar trip, two nights in Yangon and three in Mandalay.

Also, hands-on information will cover all the needs of travellers in this still aspiring tourist resort, as well as domestic labels, bank and monetary, spread across the entire land, and much more. DK Eyewitness guidebook: Burma is organised by regions, and experienced tour guides tell the tales behind the sites and give an overview of the country's past, colonial past and complex politics today.

Included in this volume are literally thousands of colour photos, hand-drawn artwork, and customized cards. Myanmar (Burma) with its sparkling panoramas, ageless landscapes and friendly locals is an exceptionally lovely traveler' s paradise that has been insulated from the outside world for decades. In this new issue of Insight Myanmar we' ve extensively revised to provide you with inspiration, information and the best of what this little-known Myanmar has to show you.

After the inspiring section Best Of Myanmar, the country's wealthy past and culture are described in a number of vivid etudes. Contemorary issues of Burma's lives - the evolving politics, economics, food, nutrition, animals, architecture are also discussed in detail. On the back of the volume you will find all the useful information you need to make the most of your journey, among them tens of well-chosen properties.

This approach guide explores the arts and architectures of Bagan by focusing on the most important textures and arts and why each one is important to Bagan's culture and how it has developed over the years. The first section, an outline, gives travellers a deeper insight into the two kinds of sacred architectural practices they will come across in Bagan (temples and stupas) and the arts used to embellish them (paintings and sculptures).

The Approach Guide contains: Trip-related books: Norman Lewis, like most travellers in Burma, has fallen in love with the country and its population. Though much of the landscape was under the command of rebellious forces - the original 1952 edition - he was able to get almost anywhere he wanted with a steamship, an old-fashioned truck and a Dacoite-ladenrain.

It was this persistence that allowed him to see spectacular shows that are still out of our grasp and to encounter all kinds of Burmese, from district officials to the prisoners of Rangoon prison. The whole colour, cheerfulness and charme of the East come to live with this masterful Storytell. Composed in 1952, this is a very interesting historic document, but not an up-to-date itinerary.

On the other side of the political spectrum, little is known about Myanmar (Burma). Featuring unparalleled insight into food, shops, sight-seeing and cultural activities, To Myanmar With Love is a one-of-a-kind tour for the avid traveller. How does it feel to move to a land that has been virtually secluded from the rest of the know?

Wondering the same when her wife and daughter moved to Myanmar, the writer found it difficult to find information about what everyday foreign living would be like. Relocating to Myanmar is the first, only and most definite non-Yangon export asset for anyone considering relocating to Myanmar.

The move to Myanmar is based on the author's expertise and is packed with information, resource and hands-on advice from Myanmar and the expatriates to help you from the initial thought of the move to arrival and acclimatization. No matter whether you are travelling abroad for the first and experienced traveller, this volume will make your move to the beautiful, magic and slightly messy Golden Land much simpler.

In the Myanmar setting, the section includes: how to cope with the cultural shocks; the for and against the education of children of the third generation; how to relate to other inhabitants; how it is when you are alone, homosexual or lone parents; and how to take charge of yourself; what to grab; useful web sites, textbooks, appeals and essays; lists of intern. and more.

Myanmar in other books: Several Englishmen who live in a Burmese village gather at the European Club, drinking whisky and arguing over an imminent order to allow an Asian to join. Emma Larkin in one of the most fearless recent travel reports on politics talks about the year in which she used George Orwell's work and his work as a comprehend.

From Mandalay and Rangoon to the impoverished Delta-Backwaters and the old mountain stations in the far northern Burma hills, Larkin visited the places where Orwell worked and where he still lives, and the places where his works still work. It revives a land and a nation isolated from the reigning army jungle and its huge web of spy and informants.

With Orwell, she can easily show the importance of today's colorful Burmese experiences, whose spirits are hidden and everywhere. Even more importantly, she finds that the way she walks takes her to the humans who have found ways to somehow withstand the destructive consequences of living in this cruelest state.

George Orwell's clear morals, hate for unfairness and sharp power of observance also act as a composer for the writer in another sense: "They are things that she divides and that permeate her work - the sharpest and most subtle account of the lives of this so far writen state. So what do we really know about Burma and its story?

Thant Myint-U now recounts the history of contemporary Burma and the history of his own people in an intertwined tale that is alternately lyric, dramatically and moving. Since the beginning, the civilisations of China and India have been separated, not only by the mighty peaks of the Himalayas, but also by the huge and impermeable jungles, by enemy strains and isolated landlocked empires that once spanned a thousand leagues from Calcutta through Burma to the high Yangtze River.

He has also thought about Burma's new central strategy, the land of his ancestors, where the two emerging superpowers of Asia - China and India - seem to be struggling for hegemony. Where China Meet India" leads us across the rapidly evolving border of Asia and gives us a masterly overview of the region's long and prosperous past and its suddenly increasing importance for the wider population.

Eleven Americans on an unfortunate arts journey to Burma's Shan state left their resort for a Christmas Island trip and disappeared. They find themselves in the jungles through blows of destiny, swearing and simply mortal failure, meeting a clan waiting for the Fuehrer's comeback and the mythic Bible of Knowledge that will save them from the devastation and devastation of the Myanmar army system.

" 1886 a timid middle-aged pianist called Edgar Drake was given an extraordinary assignment by the British War Department to visit the far-flung jungle of north-east Burma and fix a unique pianoforte by an excentric military surgeon who proved essential to the British Royal Family.

1988 Dr. John Casey, a Burma visited teacher, met a waitress in Mandalay with a love for the works of James Joyce, and the meeting changed her life. Wondrously, the note reaches its goal and results in Pascal's salvation and enrolment at Cambridge University, where he is the first ever member of the Myanmar tribe to participate.

The Land of Green Spirits is an unforgettable reminder of the reality of living in present-day Burma and of a man's long voyage to liberty despite almost inconceivable opportunities. 1988 Dr. John Casey, a Burmese visited teacher, met a waitress in Mandalay with a love for the works of James Joyce, and the meeting changed her world.

Alan Rabinowitz, known in the New York Times as Indiana Jones of the natural sciences, has dedicated and ventured his lives to protecting extinct species of mammal. In the Valley of Death, he tells of his most challenging and perilous venture to date: the establishment of the world's biggest animal park. This story takes place in the luxuriant Hukaung Valley of Myanmar, formerly known as Burma.

In order to rescue the surviving Tiger, Rabinowitz must travel not only through a relentless countryside, but also through the intricate web of Myanmar's politick. Rabinowitz finds new lives for himself, for the poor and violent villages and for the animals he has promised to shelter.

dictionaries & language help: Myanmar's Dictionary is an important communication language resource for Myanmar's travelers, travellers, students and businesses. This is a great way to study Myanmar, offering all the important words suitable for beginners and advanced learners. The convenient handbag size and legible font make any journey to Myanmar a breeze.

The Pocket Myanmar is not only an outstanding English-Burmese glossary, but also contains important information on the Myanmar local languages, as well as information on Myanmarian grammar and diction. Myanmar words are spelled in romanised as well as real Myanmar characters (mranma accha. ra), so that in case of difficulty the reader can be shown the work.

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