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Myanmar Lonely Planet (Burma) (travel guide) eBook: Useful links & website for your trip in Myanmar or Asia. announcements Information in the following guidelines and documentation is for information only and does not and should not be construed as such. Counselling should be sought from a professional counselor for all special circumstances. We at EuroCham will be pleased to put you in touch.

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Burma, also known as the UNION OF MYANMAR, is a land on the Gulf of Bengal and the Andaman Sea in Southeast Asia. More precisely, Myanmar is located between latitudes 4'31' and 28'31' North and longitudes 92'10' and 101'11' East. 2'31' and 28'31' North respectively. Approximately 55 million population are living in Myanmar.

Myanmar or Burmese is the offical one. Over 100 different languages are used in the region. While Myanmar's 87 per cent of the population practise Theravada Buddhism, there are also Christians, Muslims, Hindus and some activists. But in Myanmar there is total religious liberty among Buddhists or non-Buddhists.

Esteem for Buddhism can probably help aliens who want to better understand Myanmar's temper. Situated between two of the world's great and old civilizations - China and India - Myanmar has integrated the fine art and mixed it with the taste of the indigenous features and qualities. Burma has a wealth of cultural and customs inheritance.

Myanmar geography is a diamond-shaped land stretching 925 kilometres or 575 leagues from east-west and 2,100 kilometres or 1,300 leagues from North-South. Irrawaddy River runs through the centre of Myanmar and creates a deltas on the southern shore; Yangon is located next to one of its many estuaries.

There is the Irawaddy Pool and Centrally Myanmar to the northern side of the deltas, protected by a horse shoe from mountain peaks that rise to over 3,000 metres and produce deep climate results. The Arakan, Naga and Chin Hills and Patkai Hills lie to the western side, the Kachin Hills to the northern side and the Shan Plateau stretching to the Tenasserim coasts to the eastern side.

Intense irrigation agriculture is practised throughout the whole of CMB, and fruits, lemon and vegetable grow on the Shan Plateau, but sub-tropical forests cover much of the country and mountain. The Myanmar Monetary is named Myanmar and comes in grades of 1000, 500, 200, 100, 100, 90, 50, 45, 20, 10, 5 and 1 Yyat.

You can now make withdrawals from some ATm's (in Yangon and Mandalay) with a Master or Visa cards at CB Bank. There are no vaccines or immunizations necessary unless they come from or go through an affected area. Customers should take enough medicines if necessary and inform themselves about haematitis, anemia, typhus, etc. before arriving in Myanmar.

If you need more information about healthcare in Myanmar, please do not hesitate to do so. Insurances We advise all customers to take out the necessary individual luggage, healthcare and casualty coverage before arriving in Myanmar. S. O.S. has a global representation in Yangon with one (24) hours call service for emergencies and healthcare.

If you come to Myanmar, we recommend that you get dressed as it can be objectionable to wear short pants, miniskirts or enlightening clothes, which is not at all appropriate, especially if you are going to the temple or a sacred place in Myanmar. Respectfully wear clothes and have regard for culture and religion.

You can buy flip-flops or Myanmar Slippers in your country. You will need a receipts or vouchers upon departure from Myanmar, Yangon INT'L International for things you have bought on the spot, such as gemstones and jewellery. Myanmar mail is definitely low-cost. Packages can be sent and received in Myanmar, but even here it is very timeconsuming, especially if you want to collect a package from the foreign post office - be patient and take a while!

Personal service providers such as DHL have their prices, but do a good job. 3. Our experienced instructors will be happy to assist you. Large scale hotel and Central Telegraph Office can make and receive your call in large towns and villages. If you are calling from Myanmar, it is important to ask for the rates first - in some properties the rates may be twice as high as the standard rates.

Services are improved, but communications are bad and calling internationally is costly. It is available in several sites across the whole state. Many of our properties in towns such as Yangon, Mandalay and Bagan provide (24) hour electricity. Others parts of the land in rustic areas, such as Kyaingtung in Shan State in the east, Kalaw, Pindaya, Nyaung Shwe, Taunggyi and Inlay produced electricity may not always be available.

We have 220-230 Volt AC in Myanmar.

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