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MPT Service Guide Book Download here ?. Free shipping on DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Best wishes from Peacock Travels & Tours, Myanmar! The new curriculum KG textbook and teacher's handbook. A businessman eating in Yangon, Myanmar.

Myanmar Election Guide for Journalists

The Myanmar Press Council (Interim) has launched a number of advisory workshop sessions with reporters across the country to ensure that they are adequately consulted prior to the completion of the National Consensus Document of the Electoral Guide. In total, three consulting sessions were organized in three large towns, Yangon, Mandalay and Mawlamyine. This Media Code of Conduct was designed on the basis of feedback and suggestions from these consulting workhops.

First time guide in Bagan, Myanmar

Being fascinated by archeological places and visiting Machu Picchu and Angkor Wat, I realized that the next place I had to go was the antique city with the largest and most dense collection of shrines and palagodas in the whole wide area.

However, the voyage was not simple, so I created a guideline to help other first-time visitors who are also interested. Do you want to visit Myanmar? Featuring everything from sumptuous worship chests to stately sanctuaries, Wonderful Myanmar can be discovered on an 8-day cruise with Brothers International starting at $2,190!

The Bagan is situated on the bank of the Ayeyarwady (Irrawaddy) River, a few kilometres from Mandalay and Yangon. More than 10,000 Buddhist memorials were erected in its wide expanses during its pagan kingdom's gold years as the center of what is now known as Pagan Myanmar. This is the primary cause why travelers (like myself) come to Myanmar.

It has a subtropical weather, so it has only 2 distinct periods - damp and draught. You should stay away from March to May when Bagan is scorchingly warm and June to October when you are likely to get soaked. The period from November to February is the perfect period, as the temperature becomes much more comfortable.

As this is high seasons, however, you must make reservations in advanced for transport, accomodation and touring. Foreigners wishing to travel to Myanmar for tourist or commercial reasons require a permit unless they are a national of these South East Asia countries: Residents of these counties can only remain without a visas for up to 14 consecutive nights.

In all honesty, Bagan is not the simplest place, as there are no straight lines to its nearest Nyaung U airports. However, once you land in Myanmar, most likely in Mandalay or Yangon, you have a multitude of ways to get to Bagan. It will only vary depending on how much you are willing to invest.

When you are under pressure of the clock, the quickest way to Bagan is to fly. There are many local Mandalay, Heho and Yangon carriers that fly non-stop to Nyaung U airport. One drive takes about 30 min from Mandalay, 40 min from Heho and one hours and 20 min from Yangon.

Whether by coach during the night or during daytime, the most comfortable way to get to Bagan is by coach, as Myanmar's public transport is cheap and dependable. Shared buses to Bagan are from Yangon, Mandalay, Nyaung Shwe, Taunggyi, Kalaw and Pyin Oo Lwin. Travelling by rail to Bagan can give you an impression of the landscape.

But Myanmar is less dependable and effective than coaches, so be quick. When you are quite adventure-packed and have all the free rein around the globe, boating can be an interesting way to get around. After a long stay I went via SilkAir to Mandalay.

From Mandalay International International I took a collective taxicab (only MMK4k in comparison to MMK12-15k for a personal one) to get to the OK Express main train/busstation. Car rides are standard in Myanmar, so it didn't scare me. It took about an hours to get from the Aiport to the Mandalay city centre coach terminal.

I waited a few minutes because my coach departed on schedule. It took me about 6hrs to drive from Mandalay to Bagan, but it was quite comfortable so I didn't care. I was also deducted at no additional charge from my Bagan hospital. Once you have a foothold in Bagan, the first thing you should do is..... find a folding card!

These are the routes where you can see Bagan: renting a personal cab is the most convenient way to see Bagan, as all cabs are air-conditioned. You have to be in astonishing form with bikes to be able to cover a significant part of Bagan in one single working days. Currently only 2 airlines - Ballons Over Bagan and orientental balancing - carry out aerials in Bagan and they only have aeroplanes from October to March when the wheather is good.

I rented a personal cab to take me to the temple complexes and palagodas on my first morning just to make sure I was covering them. On the following few rainy summer nights I only went to the smaller, untitled temple with an e-bike. The US dollar (USD) and Burma's kyat (MMK) are widespread in Bagan.

Whereas in Bagan money is still in the air, ATM machines are no longer so rare. As Bagan is a predominantly buddhistic city, the natives are kind and welcoming, but also very conservation. Like in any countries you are visiting, while Myanmar is developing towards greater openness and democracy, your conduct of political and religious dialogue is required by society ethics.

Whilst some areas, mostly border areas, in Myanmar are taboo for aliens and visitors because of the violence between sovereign groups and the regime, Bagan is open and sheltered. While Bagan is relatively certain about your safety, of course, this does not mean that you should give up your vigilance.

Most of the year Bagan is warm, so always take plenty of fresh air so you don't dry out while touring. I suggest that if you ever see a dog, squirrel, monkey or even snake in Bagan, I suggest you just let them be - no matter how sweet they seem to you. Though to be honest, I only came across a bunch of squirrel and dog in the five day I was in Bagan.

So, I guess you only meet serpents in the field, not on the path of the zigzag. As there are over 2,000 sanctuaries and palagodas in Bagan, I cannot include them all in this section, so let me just list the most important ones not to be missed: It is one of the most important and important sacred memorials in Bagan.

Constructed in the eleventh c., it was used as a prototypical model for the building of newer coupons in the land and is intended to anchor Buddha's forehead and throatbones. It is an imposing buddhistic sanctuary made of scarlet bricks in Bagan. It is the most important one in Bagan, therefore it is always well maintained by permanent paintings and whitewash.

It is the second highest memorial in Bagan. Due to its altitude, the visitor likes to climb to enjoy the beautiful views of the plain and the Bagan caves. It is a sanctuary with a past that is murky and tragic. There are many who say that the Emperor was murdered in this sanctuary so that they believe it is haunted. See for yourself.

It is only a brief ride from Dhammayangyi. It' known as the "crown jewel" of Bagan. Incidentally, there is an entry price of MMK25k (valid for 5 days) for the Bagan Archaeological Zone, which includes most monasteries and palagodas. When you visit Bagan in the next few month, many scaffolded shrines and palagodas await you.

On 24 August 2016, a strong quake rocked Bagan and damaged several hundred shrines and cloisters. It is subdivided into 3 major areas - Nyaung U, Old Bagan and New Bagan. Nyaung U has the lowest priced resort and Old Bagan the most expensive.

Nightingale, New York: In terms of locations and prices, it is the best accommodation. The Zfreeti Hotel is my best choice for her. In front of it there is an e-bike store and it is a brief stroll to the Balloons Over Bagan reservation desk and to Restaurantreihe von Neung United. It'?s New Bagan:

The Bagan Lodge is the ideal place to live in a peaceful and restful place. It'?s old Bagan: If, during your visit to Bagan, you want to be in the midst of old shrines and palagodas, make a reservation for a stop at Hotel @ Tharabar Gate. It'?s not so hard to find good meals in Bagan.

Nyaung U's favourite place to dine in this particular series of restaurants is the café and cafe. Some even say they are serving the best burgers in Bagan! The Terrazza: I was pleased to find this ltalian place in Bagan. Situated in the'Restaurantreihe', this place produces surprising high class pizza and pasta.

Aromas 2: This is a great meeting place at dusk as it radiates a romance. It is claimed to be the first veggie place in Bagan. Discover this eatery near the Ananda Temple in Old Bagan. It' an open-air New Bagan place run by seven nurses.

Fortunately Bagan hasn't turned into a mad tourism city yet, unlike a number of towns around the globe, so you can still get real, inexpensive objects here, instead of just keys and magnet. These unbelievably detailled canvases can be found outside almost every shrine or every page in Bagan.

which I saw outside one of the lesser-known sanctuaries. This colorful handcrafted umbrella comes from Pathein, a small area in the Myanmar Apeyarwady area. I' ve seen many small stores that they sold in the' Restaurantreihe' in Nyaung U. Tamarind Flocken: In Myanmar I know that precious stones (like rubies) are rich.

So, if you don't know your rocks, I wouldn't suggest you buy them there, no matter how persuasive the local people or tourist guide say they are real. On July 1, 2016, Myanmar raised its flight internationality charges. Myanmar is a fast moving and evolving nation, so the rates shown here may apply and vary from November 2, 2016.

From my stay in Bagan, 1 US$ = 1,300 MMC.

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