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Myanmar Insider's Guide Myanmar has more to offer than just a temple, a balloon and foggy fog. Explore the best of Myanmar with unique top of the line advice! So you want to ride between the Bagan Temple, creep through Hpa An lime stone caverns, sip tasty Shan pasta on the Yangon kerb or take a card from the natives to find Hsipaw Falls?

All the information our insiders have to make your trips a cinch. Described in this manual: The best means of transportation and the choice of location. General fraud, transportation advice, security and no-go-zone. Away from the well-trodden paths to the southern Myanmar coastline.

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Myanmar (formerly Burma) is now a half-open door nation after years of tourist activity. Myanmar's capitol is Naypyidaw. e-Visa since 2006: Alternatively to obtaining your visas through a consulate or embassy in Myanmar, you can obtain them on-line via the website. However, remember that the e-visa is only valid for travel through major airport destinations such as Yangon, Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw.

When you plan to arrive by road, you must apply for your visas in advance at a consulate or embassy in Myanmar. Visas are no longer available to visitors upon arriving. Visas purchased through Myanmar embassy or consulate in Thailand (Bangkok or Chiang Mai) cost 800 Baht and are issued within 3 business hours.

Renewal of visa: It is possible to prolong your stay up to 14 working nights at the immigration office in Yangon. Burma has a wet subtropical weather, with 3 distinct seasonal cycles all year round: It is possible to fly around Myanmar or by road. A number of coach operators link the country's major towns.

Tour passes can be booked through the Myanmar Coach Ticket website or the company's Facebook pages. Myanmar's most important gateway is Yangon Airport. Myanmar flights. When you are used to traveling through Southeast Asia, you will probably find the price of accommodations in Myanmar slightly higher than in neighboring states.

Find out about the various types of accommodations available in some of Myanmar's major destinations: It is Myanmar's biggest town and was the country's capitol until 2006. It is the primary point of access for those who arrive by plane and for the first time come into touch with Burma's people.

It is a town in which odors, colors and an uninterrupted motion of automobiles and humans prepare you for one of the best experience in your being. Have a look at the below mentioned links for more Yangon related itineraries: Yangon: Bagan, the old capitol of Bagan's kingdom, is one of the most important places in Myanmar.

The second biggest in Myanmar, Inle is 116 sqkm. The water is the main source of water. You will be welcomed here at this place at your arrival at this time. You can' t miss a trip by sea at dawn. Nyaung Shwe is the closest town, and here you will find cheap accommodations, dining and sea touring.

Myanmar's second biggest town. In contrast to Yangon, motorcycles are permitted in the town, which gives the impression that there is more activity here. The Royal Palace is located in the center of Myanmar, in the middle of the country, and it is partly prohibited for visitors. It is obligatory to pay a stop in Mingun, only 1 hours drive by ferry, and to the U Bein Bridge, about 20 min from the center of Mingun!

Trekkers cannot miss a trip to Kalaw, a few kilometres from Lake Inle. A former Spanish settlement about 1200 m above sealevel, it enjoys a mild weather and perfect weather for a full days trek to Inle Lake or Pindaya. Hpa An is located about 270 km eastwards of Yangon, a relaxing place in a mountainous setting.

All the way to the summit of Zwegabin you can take in the views, the pagoda and the monastery or go to Kan Thar Yar Lake to watch the sundown.

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