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Myanmar needs to keep cash clean. Why? You can download our free Insider's Guide to Myanmar with tips on where to go, what to do and how to get around. New to Myanmar? Welcome & Etiquette | Useful Phrases for Myanmar Travel.

Take a private tour of Myanmar and experience Burma's timeless traditions.

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When you have your route through your favourite tour operator, there is a fleet of trusted tour books available for each and every holiday location - if your chosen one is not suitable for your accommodation. When contacting a Yangon tourist agency, you do not need to be worried about getting a tourist guidebook, and also for your visas. You can find a guidebook here if not.

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We also have a wide range of guidebooks in a number of different western countries, among them British, Dutch, French, Dutch, Portuguese, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish as well as Dutch (contact us at[email protected] to ask for guidebooks who are fluent in other languages). This is a brief introductory booklet for some of our guides: She has 8 years of travel guiding expertise and specializes in adventurous walks, crossings, bird watching and motorcycle touring.

He is mainly interested in the evolution of ecotourism in Myanmar and in his free life he devotes himself to bird watching and the study of Anglophone literature. She has 16 years of travel guiding expertise in Myanmar and looks forward to exchanging ideas with you. He' s also an Englishman.

Noyi Nyi Soe has 12 years of travel guiding expertise in Spain. Mint Myint Tan has 18 years of guiding expertise for groups in France. In particular she likes the intercultural exchanges and the examination of languages, histories and customs. He has 16 years of linguistic expertise in Italy and is fluent in English.

After studying Perugia, she likes to immerse herself in Perugia's cultural life. Hnin Khaing enjoys familiarizing the public with Myanmar's exquisite cuisine, and her interests are traveling the globe, as well as learning to read and cook. Initially, he worked on educating and educating the advocacy press while conducting one-on-one photography and cultural activities for young people in the community, and then formed Myanmar Deitta, an organization dedicated to developing resource for Myanmar's documentaries and film-makers.

Yu Yu Yu Yu Myint Than is a photo journalist from Myanmar located in Yangon. She has an MA in English and worked at Shan State, where she photographed Kachin Jugend, and is now a gallerist with Myanmar Deitta.

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