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You can download our free Insider's Guide to Myanmar with tips on where to go, what to do and how to get around. New to Myanmar? Welcome & Etiquette | Useful Phrases for Myanmar Travel. Take a private tour of Myanmar and experience Burma's timeless traditions. Here is a complete guide on how to do it!

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When you have your route through your favourite tour operator, there is a fleet of trusted tour books available for each and every holiday location - if your chosen one is not suitable for your accommodation. When contacting a Yangon tourist agency, you do not need to be worried about getting a tourist guidebook, and also for your visas. You can find a guidebook here if not.

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Burma is just incredible. With its 55 million inhabitants, this land has emerged from more than 50 years of dictatorial rule and is developing into a place as dignified as its beloved neighbours. It' secure; you don't have to keep track of your wallet or grab your jewellery. Burma is a land between two continents - Wi-Fi has reached Wi-Fi, but only 10% of the people have a cell Ph.

Notice to this guide: It is not possible to go to Myanmar and not give funds directly to the Myanmar authorities; the airline companies and many of the better properties are affiliated with the state.

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I and my friend can highly commend Zayar Latt ( An English-language licenced travel agent and chauffeur located in Yangon. At the end of February we made a 2-week journey from Yangon to Mandalay, but he also makes excursions in Yangon. Zayar always responded quickly to our queries when we planned our journey and gave useful hints and suggestions for other interesting things to do, places and places to do.

He has a deep understanding of his country's cultural heritage and past and present. Because of his extensive experiences he was able to suggest less known places and acitivities several times. Generally we can suggest this type of arrival if you only have a relatively brief period of travel or if you would rather not have the adventure of a journey with delayed and old busses and coaches.

Have a nice journey!

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