Myanmar group Tours

Burma Group Tours

Explore Myanmar (Burma) with the best small group tours offered by leading tour operators and tour operators. Accompany us on a holiday of a lifetime through beautiful Burma (Myanmar)! The Hidden Treasures of Myanmar Tour. Sailing & cruises, small group trips, tailor-made travel ideas. Please contact us for detailed information on all group tours.

Burma Group Trips

Group traveling through Burma provides wonderful landscapes and many different cultures. Even though the land has a tumultuous past, it is above all the splendour that one perceives today. Experience emperor towns, gold palaces and fairytale landscapes in a land hardly affected by the West. Myanmar is the place where you will explore asia.

Bagan is one of the most spectacular places in the land, an area full of castles, marshes and cloisters. You will see many amazing sights while you are on your Burma group trip. Myanmar is a pleasure for people who love the outdoors. There is a nice route along towns that have been constructed on stilts, where the fishermen are among the many kind faces that you will see.... certainly deserve a touring.

Burma's welcoming and welcoming people will welcome you with open arms during your group trip through Burma. Explore the stunning landscape and cultural highlights of one of our Burma group trips.

Burma Individual Travel

Traveling alone, but together, that is the idea behind the "Single Tour". Explore Burma Singles with people of like mind, where you can choose to go your own way or take part in some group activity from time to time. One itinerary through Burma shows you the many culture and the wonderful landscape.

Myanmar is a beautiful land with a tumultuous past. Burma's major religious denomination is Buddhism, as demonstrated by the fairytale towns, the towns of royalty and the abundance of gold coupons. Myanmar has been isolated from the outside worlds for many years and you will hardly see any foreign influences when you travel here.

Myanmar symbolizes Asia in its puristic form. A breathtaking view! Yangon's Shwedagon is another very spectacular view you can enjoy on your only trip through Burma. Uncertainly situated on the rock, it looks as if this stupa would drop off the mountains. People who love the outdoors will also have a lot of fun in Burma.

Cruise Lake Inle and explore towns on stakes and swimming pools.... just sensation! Join the local people on their only trip through Burma and experience its stunning cultural and scenic beauty!

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