Myanmar Grocery Store

Burma Grocery Store

The Grocery & Gourmet Food Store offers online shopping from a large selection. Yadanar Vegan Burmese-Vegetarian Food video was shared by Myanmar Food USA.

Myanmar Kyaw $ Store - 202 pictures & 12 reviews - Convenience Stores - 1107 W Mission Rd, Alhambra, CA - Telephone number

And the new proprietor, Win, has had this store for about three month. I' ve travelled through Myanmar and am fascinated by its civilization, but know little about the many things there are. This is the place if you are looking for a place where you can find preserved tealeaves (for example Taphet Thoke), herbs, Myanmar soups, frankincense, etc.

Very nice woman, very favourable price. And I didn't know anything about Burma's kitchen, I was looking for the traditional India kitchen, and she had it. Ralph's had no finished dishes at all, only bottle curries. I' m here looking for real Moroccan frankincense. Not an extravagant little shop, but a kind owners, a lot of things from Burma - from eating to jewellery.

This is the only place in LA where you can find a large variety of Myanmar merchandise. She' s a very kind woman who manages the store. Coming to this store for some low-cost spice, was in for a shock as I thought this was still Veer's Dollar Store.

The new storekeeper, Thin Thin Thin, Veer's, has relocated to Rosemead. As this store is still new (open for about a month), I was still able to buy the seasonings I needed, as part of Veer's stock is over. They like these ethnical shops, you get more spice at lower prices.

This store will still have some of Veer's famous products and will keep sellin' some of the best products from India like samsas. As Burma is the kind owners, South East Asian ethnical foods stay. Myanmar cooking is shaped by many different civilizations, so you will certainly find some interesting things here. I look forward to seeing what else this store has to show once it is fully furnished!

They can find anything and everyone from Myanmar. He is very kind and supportive. Incumbents there are your main Long Beach, Anaheim St. styles--ultra useful, peddle really good ingredients and nutrition as cheap as they can handle. Rather than spend the lesson making my dinner the evening before or buying $7 in taco or dumping 13 in a grocery trolley, I brought a small case of microwave-safe slices and a Tupperware with Basmati rices - all purchased from Kyaw.

First, I relished going to this store, buying small snack bars and store supplies. its a good store at first dont get me bad. As I am also from Burma, I like to go there to find some local cuisine. I' m not talking about the worker, I' m talking about the proprietor herself. It' impolite of me to own this place.

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