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What do you say "hello" or "greetings" in Burmese? Greetings for Christmas and New Year, ????

??????????? ??????????? Regards. play_circle_filled. In Myanmar, the traditional greeting is a bow while you lay both hands on your stomach. Welcome to the locals in Myanmar. Select your favourite myanmar greeting cards from thousands of available designs.

Burman greetings

Mingalaba' is formally, yes, but not many use it. Nowadays, Ne Kung de la is used more often, also for official reasons such as meetings with new persons, meetings, etc. If you say Ne Kung de la, it would be courteous to say Ne Kung Ba de, which means good, thank you.

Usually you wouldn't say Ne ma ma kaung bou because it's like someone comes to you in English and says, "How are you?" and you wouldn't be very courteous to say: "I'm not well, thank you very much!".

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If you see a boyfriend in an English-speaking language area, say "Hello" or "How are you? People in Myanmar usually say "where are you going?" There is no casual sentence or term in Myanmar that could be used as a salute. Mingalar Bar ", the infamous sentence, is quite official and is not used by anyone on the street.

It' only used in official aircraft greetings! This term was coined in times of colonialism; a rather implicit interpretation of "good morning", "good day", "good evening" or "good day". Mingalar Bar" literally means "have good for you". So, next confrontation with a Myanmar boyfriend in the Yangon street, ask "Where are you going?

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