Myanmar Graduation Photos

Burma graduation photos

Burmese Girl's Fashion photo album from colonial times. Myanmar Photo Archive is a physical archive of photographic material from Myanmar. Myanmar, the President of the Council and of course the students and staff. "Except I have pictures of a graduation. The MIBA Home /;

Graduates /; Yangon /; IQN.

Burma Phototour

Burma: formerly known as Burma, is one of the most enigmatic and unexplored travel sites in the whole wide globe and we welcome you to the pagoda's gold country, stunning scenery with welcoming ethnic groups. Forgetting Myanmar, it shut its doors in self-isolation and now opens again to the outside and reveals to the visitor its uniquely untouched nature and unspoilt nature.

Burma has something to offer all year round, with a great variety of anthropologies made up of many different ethnical groups, different topographies or terrains ranging from snow-capped peaks in the northern to the pagoda-covered central plain, gorgeous sandy whitewashed shores along the west shore and pristine islets in the southern, to explore and discover.

We will take you from the town centre to the sightseeing bus where you can take road photos of the Yangon countryside and the town. In the afternoon you will see the 70m long Buddha statue of Chauk Htat Gyi pit.

Then take our mini bus and drive to the most glorious symbol of Yangon and the holiest of all Myanmar Buddhist peoples, the Shwedagonagoda, which is 99.4mt. (326 ft) on Singuttara Hill. According to the legends and according to the belief of the faithful, the eight cords of Buddha's head were anchored in the Buddha's chest 2500 years ago.

Then we can go to Kandawgyi Park for the sundown with Shwedagon pit stopground. Transfers to the airfield after having arrived at the hotels for the flight to Sittwe. Checking in at the guesthouse and relaxing. Shittaung Pagode, "Temple of 80,000 Buddha images", which refers to the number of Buddha pictures it contains, which was erected by King Min Bin in 1535 in memory of the failure of a militia action.

The Htukkanthein-Tempel, a bunker-like Buddhistic sanctuary from 1571, has a very solid building on an elevated floor, a long spiral shaped passageway that leads to the inner room with small doors and only one entry, it is assumed that the Htukkanthein was used as a place of retreat during wartime.

Koethaung Tempel means "Shrine of the 90,000 Buddha pictures" in relation to the number of Buddha pictures. The Buddha's dental reliquary is to be kept in the Andawian ('1598) sanctuary, which has a praying room on its east side from which one can access the sermon.

You will be taken to the Sayoh Bridge after breakfasts for a cruise to the Chin towns along the Lay Myo River to take portraits and see the Chinese way of living, whose wives in the town of Sin Gay and other towns such as Checkchaung, Ale, Nyaungbin and Sinte have traditional Tattoo on their faces.

We return to Maruk U. Another night in the "Lost City" of Mrauk U to discover and take pictures. You will be taken to the pier after your morning meal at the mooring to take a cruise (or road trip) back to Sittwe. We will have luncheon at Sittwe and checked in at the airfield to return to Yangon.

Checking into your Yangon hotels and relaxing. Following morning at the motel, you will be taken to the airfield to Nyaung U and Bagan, where 2217 11th-13th century memorials seem to overpower the 16 sq. m. or 26 sq. km. scenery on the east shore of the Ayeyarwaddy River.

After arriving at the airfield, transferring to the resort and beginning of the tour includes Ananda temples, which is the most magnificent, delicate, perfectly proportional and the culmination of the early style of church construction of King Kyansittha in 1090, Shwezigon, which was constructed by Anawrattha, but not finished and King Kyansittha finished the construction in 1089.

Shwezigon's architectural design is the prototypical of the later Myanmar stupa. In the past it was home to 37 Nats or spirit drinks built on the lower terrace of the marquee, but now they are accommodated in a small room in the marquee complex. At the end of your own expense, you will go for a photoshooting with the dark temple friars.

Sundown from the sunbathing area. Wake up around 4:30 a.m. to photograph the sun rise from the cloakroom. At dawn, drive to the Shwezigon Corridor of Shwezigon Lagoons for photos of lights and shadows, then back to the breakfast area. You begin your tour with Nanpaya, the eleventh c. sanestone and brick building in Bagan, one of the three tombs in the city.

In the past it was the Hindu sanctuary with the most delicate and spectacular reliefs of the Hindu gods, Brahma and flower pendants or pilaster on the columns. Stonecarving is a reminiscence of the Java or Cambodian technique, bent not from a sole plate, but from boulders that intertwine and should never be reiterated in Myanmar.

There are also the Dhamayangyi temples; the pyramidal temples from the twelfth and seventeenth centuries are the largest and most solid, which can be seen from all over Bagan, the Htilominlo temples, where you can still see very delicate gypsum carvings on the gables, friezes and pillas. Sundown from the sunbathing area. Wake up around 4:30 a.m. to photograph the sun rise from the cloakroom.

At dawn you go back to the motel for your morning meal. You will be taken to Nyaung U International to Mandalay after your morning break. Examine in the motel and at your ease, research this intriguing town; like Kuthodaw Pagoda, Shwenandaw Monastery, Mahamuni image and Golden Page, the studio makes to watch how to make the thin blade of gilt on your lefthand in tradtional ways for all the pious sights and sculptures around the land.

From the U Bein wooden bridge you can watch the sundown. Up around 5:30am for a morning dawn at Mandalay Palace or Mandalay Hill or U Bein Wooden Bridge. In the afternoon, after having breakfasts at the hotels, take a tour to the monastery of MyaSetkyar, where you can see Buddhist friars lining up for lunches, which is their last food of the night.

We' ll take pictures in the Mingun and Myatheindan Pagodas, the incomplete pagodas, which were perhaps the largest pagod in the world. Return to Mandalay, and if it' s possible to watch the sun go down in the Shwe Ket Kya Riverside Sundown. You will be taken to the airfield after your morning meal at the lodge to catch a flight to Heho.

At Heho International Heho International Airports, take a tour to Nyaung Shwe, where the gate to Inle Lakes is located. Checking into your accommodation and begin your tour by boot in Inle Lake, include the 5 day indigenous market, Phaung Daw U Pagode, Innpawkone town, which is famous for its silks and loto weave, visiting floatation gardens, where the indigenous Innthar folk cultivate veggies such as tomato, bean, etc. for the livings.

Return to the motel for a photoshooting with the fishers at sundown. A photoshooting with the fishers took place before breakfasts in the hotels. Enjoy your breakfasts and stop at the village markets (only on fair days). Ywa Ma vivallge will take portraits of long-necked (aka) Padaung people.

After lunch you will take a boating tour to the west bank of the pond along a small, lovely stream to reach the Inn Dein Piago Park, where there are over 1000 small Shan styled peaks with date not known. Return to the motel for a photoshooting with the fishers at sundown. You will be taken to Nyaung Shwe before your morning meal at the airport and then by road to Heho airport to return to Yangon.

Arriving in Yangon, checking into your room and going to the main rail terminal at your leisure to take a tram trip for road photos. You will leave the airport after your morning meal at the airport for your flight. He attended academy of arts in his early years. Immediately after his graduation he became head of the photography workshop and editor-in-chief of the journal "Continent expedition".

It has received several distinctions in photography: Gold Turtle' 13 Nominee Winners, National Geographic Russia Competition 2013 and 2014 Finalists, Best of Russia'13 and'14 Winners, Best Photographer'13 and more. Most of his spare times he spends in Norway, Tuscany and Norway at Tuscany's Gaia Mansion, where he leads groups of filmers.

The Baikalsee is a top place for international filming. For more than 10 years Khun Phyo has been working as a free-lance travel and photography tour leader in Myanmar. Khun Broadway and his active companions started Myanmar Travels. All of them have the same commitment and commitment to be part of the evolution of Myanmar and related community based sustainable travel by contributing to community well-being and training them in conservation.

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