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Does cheat? - MYANmar forum Does cheat? I' ve got my visas and here is some feedbacks on myanmaronlinevisa.

org. After 5 working nights of submission of my job applications, I did not even get an email with my number. So I contested her demand through my payment processing firm and filed the request immediately.

Your website says that the turn-around for the visas is within 3 workdays. However they did not file my request for 5 day or more and they did it only when I defied the request and warned them to blacklist their website in Australia. My friend volunteered through Myanmar's public website and got it within 3 working day and the costs were only $50 AUD.

Myanmaronline visas, however, billed me AUD156 and it took 7-8 working days to get the visas. Well, Myanmaronline is much more costly, less effective and lasts longer. Your website is claiming to offer 24/7 e-mail insupport.

Hikeed: Myanmar gloves website reads:'Stop killing muslims'.

The Myanmar government's at least five web sites have been challenged by a company that claims to be taking action against the "killing" of Muslims in the state. The Myanmar Survey Department, Forest Department, Dry Zone Greening Department, Taninthayi Nature Reserve Project and Clearing House Mechanism were among the sites that were targeted on September 1, according to the Information Committee - a subsidiary of Aung San Suu Kyi's State Counsellor Office.

Behind the Rakhine attack, the unit is reacting to Myanmar's army operation to drive ARSA rebels out of the state of Rakhine. Eleven said a group from Myanmar known as "UG Hackers" is on its way to defend itself against the company known as VR3D4TOR. Information Committee has asked the general community to raise other reports of malicious computer threats to mmCERT - Myanmar's Myanmar Computer Contingency Management Unit for handling computer related breaches - or the Department of national cyber security.

Myanmar is the 4th most vulnerable security intelligence report from Microsoft in the Asia-Pacific area. During the first three months of 2017, the Myanmar virus penetration was more than twice the worldwide 9 per cent prevalence level. The website of the state-run New Light of Myanmar was hijacked in February by someone who claims to be a Serbian hacker, known as RxR Hackers, who has released news denouncing violations of international humanitarian law in Syria on tens of sites around the state.

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