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The Myanmar government asks for more labour and funding to combat drug abuse in Shan state

Myanmar's Assistant Home Secretary, Major General Aung Soe, on Tuesday called for extra policemen and funds to fight illicit narcotic drugs in poor Shan state in the east of Myanmar, where the sale and use of methamphetamines and heroine is on the up. At a session of parliament, Aung Soe said that his department was working with Myanmar's army to fight it.

Almost 1,100 individuals, 128 of them policemen, are currently working on anti-drug policies, he said. It is tormented by blatant narcotic action with the narcotic of Choice drugs herbine and methamphetamines, an extreme substance irritant in the shape of a vitreous crystal powders, generally marketed as "yaba" pill.

As Aung Soe's testimonies came as eight Shan state legislators debated anti-drug suggestions and endorsed them for further debate. Eradicating illicit narcotic drugs is one of the aims of the civil rule under State Councillor Aung San Suu Kyi, Myanmar's de facto head, who came to office four month ago.

Myanmar's top chamber on 25 July passed by unanimity a resolution by Shan legislator Sai One Hispanic Kham to fight the raging illicit trafficking and use of drugs in the state. It had proposed more efficient measures against drugs bands selling pills of heroine and methamphetamines.

Significant anti-drug campaigning in Kachin State in the north of Myanmar, Rakhine State in the west of Myanmar and the Mandalay area in the centre of Myanmar has resulted in arrest and resulted in the receipt of several hundred thousand dollars worth atrocities. After Afghanistan, Myanmar is the second largest poppy producing country in the hemisphere, with most of its poppy flowers, which are used for both opioid and smack, being cultivated in Shan and Kachin states.

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