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Conferences, incentives, conferences and exhibitions in Naypyitaw, Myanmar. on the human rights situation in Myanmar. Start of the MIMU-HARP report, vulnerability study in Myanmar.

Myanmar Public-Private Partnership (PPPS) / |

It is the formal portal for information on public-private partnership (PPP) in Myanmar. This website provides information on the latest political and regulative developments regarding PPP in Myanmar. Subsequent monitoring of the agreement will also be carried out to make sure that the privately owned party is meeting the contractual objectives.

Government of Myanmar launched website for legal information system | Global Edition

In cooperation with the Korean Agency for Cooperation (KOICA), the EU Prosecutor General's Department has set up a website for a legal information system in Myanmar at It is available in two different tongues, English and Myanmar, and a portable language services is also underway. This website contains information on constitutions, trade unions acts, regional or state acts, self-governing departmental/zone acts, secondary acts, secondary acts, self-governing departmental/zone acts, supranational agreements and precedent cases.

It will also contain information on repealed legislation and details of changes to current legislation. In the near future, the website will be uploading information on notices, implementing ordinances, policies and provisions and will work with other government departments to incorporate legislation and ordinances and other legislative novelties related to them.

United States Agency for International Development

Myanmar has taken a long and demanding path of democratically and economically-reformed. In Burma, policy changes that began in 2011 have triggered crucial transitions: the transition to integrative parliamentarian democracies, the negotiation of cease-fires after decade-long civilian conflicts and the transition to a market-oriented industry. Despite the ongoing nature of the trial and the challenge, the United States continues to work to improve the well-being and well-being of the Burmese population.

United States support those who want more liberty, wealth and democracy in Burma.

Fresh surge of Myanmar malicious attackers on Thai websites

Blink Hacker Group said in Facebook postings and an e-mail broadcast that its attack was a revenge for Thailand, which sentenced two Myanmar citizens to die for the killing of two UK backpack tourists at the end of last year. Thailand's policemen said they had not yet found out who was behind the attack, but those in charge were from Myanmar.

However, the attack marks an escalating computer hack, as Myanmar opened up to international investments and ended decade-long army domination in 2011, say investigators. The nationalistic attack on other countries' sites is nothing new, but the attack by Myanmar-based groups has intensified and has also affected the local press, which is seen as critically opposed to Myanmar's governance policy or as a supporter of the Muslim Rohingya group.

Tord-Lundstroem, a Swedisch research scientist working for a business that hosted third-party audio-visual sites, and Irrawaddy, said domainname hosting-datasets connected the Blink hackers group and others with Yangon-based businesses that sell web site development and secure service and displayed the hackers' facebook activities as informational ties to those with a militaristic background.

He said the hacker was better organised and more mature, and noted that Irrawaddy and DVB server and e-mail account were pervaded at the height of the ground-breaking Myanmar democracy elections last November - although he said these assaults were not the work of the Blink Hacker Group. Blink Hacker Group said it had previously been willing to work with Myanmar's army to "build a better Internet", but it hadn' been unanswered.

Myanmar web developer Min Ko Ko Ko of Creatigon said he was part of a group known as Myanmar Hackers Unite4M and founded the Myanmar Security Forum, but not a Hacker. Cyber Wings Asia IT founders Yan Naing Myint said his organization provided hosted the Blink hackers group website, but neither he nor his organization was part of the group's operations or has been hacked.

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