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Conferences, incentives, conferences and exhibitions in Naypyitaw, Myanmar. on the human rights situation in Myanmar. Start of the MIMU-HARP report, vulnerability study in Myanmar.

Myanmar Public-Private Partnership (PPPS) / |

It is the formal portal for information on public-private partnership (PPP) in Myanmar. This website provides information on the latest political and regulative developments regarding PPP in Myanmar. Subsequent monitoring of the agreement will also be carried out to make sure that the privately owned party is meeting the contractual objectives.

Government of Myanmar launched website for legal information system | Global Edition

In cooperation with the Korean Agency for Cooperation (KOICA), the EU Prosecutor General's Department has set up a website for a legal information system in Myanmar at It is available in two different tongues, English and Myanmar, and a portable language services is also underway. This website contains information on constitutions, trade unions acts, regional or state acts, self-governing departmental/zone acts, secondary acts, secondary acts, self-governing departmental/zone acts, supranational agreements and precedent cases.

It will also contain information on repealed legislation and details of changes to current legislation. In the near future, the website will be uploading information on notices, implementing ordinances, policies and provisions and will work with other government departments to incorporate legislation and ordinances and other legislative novelties related to them.

Myanmar sanctions - sanction programme ends on 10/7/2016

Subscribe to Burma Sand's email up-dates. Ofacon has collected several hundred FAQ' about its sanction programmes and related guidelines. Below are some of the related FAQ' s on Burma and the complete OFACFAQ. Sanction booklets provide an outline of OFAC rules on Burma's penalties.

SAAC publishes interpretative guidelines on particular questions relating to the sanction programmes it manages. This interpretation of SAAC policies is sometimes issued in reply to a general call for orientation or can be pro-actively issued by SAAC to raise a broader issue. You and the U.S. government may have an interest in approving certain commercial activities related to Burma's sanction.

Specific activity related to Burmese penalties may be permitted if it has been granted a licence from  OFFAC. To request an SAAC licence, please click on the following links. Request an online SAAC licence - Approval from SAAC to perform a deal that would otherwise be forbidden. SAAC grants general licences to authorise activity that would otherwise be banned in relation to Burma.

The General Licensing allows all U.S. individuals to perform the activities described in the General Licensing without having to request a particular one. The Burma General Licence 20 has been included in OFAC's Burmese Rules and can be found in the Burmese section of OFAC's Rules or specifically in this Federal Register Notice.

Some of the Burmese sanction-related activity may be permitted if it has been granted a license from OFAC. OFAC has subsequently released guidelines and explanations on special license guidelines for Burma. Burma's sanction programme is the enforcement of a variety of judicial agencies. The OFAC further codifies these agencies in their rules, which are laid down in the Code of Federal Rules (CFR).

Changes to these provisions will be entered in the Federal Register.

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