Myanmar Government Visa

The Myanmar Government Visa

The Australian visa programme is universal, which means that the Australian government requires a valid visa for all persons entering Australia. Inviting companies must also submit their company registration document - a sample can be found online at Myanmar eVisa (Official Government Website). Myanmar visa seekers no longer have to worry about visits to local authorities. Myanmar iVisa is a commercial website. In order to apply for an e-Tourist Visa as part of our processing, you will be charged a processing fee and a government fee for Myanmar.

Encouraging' Visa Numbers: Government | The Myanmar Times

Nearly 4,500 overseas travellers have been issued a visa upon arriving in the two-month period since the introduction of a simpler system at Yangon and Mandalay multinational airfields, an immigrant officer said last weekend. "From May 1 to June 30, we issued a visa at the airfield to 4,498 non-German people.

While this is only the beginning, we are hoping it will result in an increased number of tourists arriving in the near future," said an immigration spokesman at Yangon International Aiport. Aung Myat Kyaw, MMC chair, said the advantages of a visa for the travel trade are enormous.

Though still at an early state, it will lead to an enormous rise in the number of tourism destinations in the near future," he said. Historically, most international travelers and businesses have had to obtain visas in the past from Myanmar consulates around the globe. Prior to 1 May, a visa was issued on entry, but only for travelers who had purchased a travel packages through a regional agent.

A vast majority of visa applications were received upon arrivals in Yangon, only eight of which were made out to the tourist coming to Mandalay. "In Mandalay we gave visa to two overseas travelers in May and six others in June, mainly from China," the spokesman said. In the Yunnan province, China Eastern Airlines is the only truly global carrier to fly to Mandalay, offering a dayly connection between Mandalay and Kunming with an additional Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday scheduled stop.

Visitor can obtain a 28-day touristic visa (US$30, non-renewable), a 70-day commercial visa ($40, extendable), a 28-day welfare visa ($40, extendable) or a 24-hour transit visa ($18). Visitor who exceed the 28-day visa threshold must contribute $3 for each full days they stay in the United States.

Anyone who intends to live with a friend or relative must provide the home where they will live during their sojourn. Persons under the age of 7 years, accompanying a parents, are exempt from the visa charge. Attendees are not permitted to enter blocked areas and must have a $300 or more if they are single travellers and $600 if they travel in a group.

Myanmar must be in possession of a validity period of at least six month after your travel to Myanmar. International guests must present a current flight voucher, evidence of reservation in a lodging, guest house or guest house, two recent photographs that are less than six month old, and all entry requirements.

One Myanmar Times employee who used the system in May described it as "quick and easy.... I would describe the whole trial as a sweeping success".

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