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This is the official website of the Government of Myanmar. Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Myanmar in France, letter to :. Chinese only government online; Hong Kong. Burma - Myanmar Human Rights Commission officials meet displaced people in Kachin state.

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to the Republic of Myanmar.

Myanmar Public-Private Partnership (PPPS) / |

It is the formal portal for information on public-private partnership (PPP) in Myanmar. This website provides information on the latest political and regulative developments regarding PPP in Myanmar. Subsequent monitoring of the agreement will also be carried out to make sure that the privately owned party is meeting the contractual objectives.

Ambassadors in Myanmar unveiled

Secretary of State Murray McCully has appointed Steve Marshall as New Zealand's next ambassador to Myanmar. "New Zealand's involvement in Myanmar has increased significantly since the beginning of the 2011 policy and economics reforms," says McCully. "New Zealand is continuing to promote Myanmar's democratic transformation and we have developed our embassy office in Myanmar into a complete embassy in 2014.

"Mr. Marshall has an unparalleled blend of skill and expertise and is not just in charge of further building relations between our two nations, but also of our expanding assistance program in Myanmar, which focuses on farming and competence development," says Mr. McCully.

Previously, Mr. Marshall worked for the International Labour Organization in Myanmar for eight years and is former Chief Executive Officer of the New Zealand Employers' Federation.

Bank of Bangladesh boy hacking Myanmar gloves sites

Bangladesh-based hacking group cyber71 has launched a number of Myanmar authorities' web sites in protests against the murder of Rohingya Muslims in the state. A group of miners, who called themselves "ethical hackers", saw themselves compelled to see a flag asking them to stop Rohingya Muslims on theirwebsite. A spokesman for the hacking group, Tanzin Al-Fahim, said they were planning to do so in protests against the government's repression of Rohingya.

Bangladesh Group hacks the web pages, including offical web pages of the president's offices, the customs authorities, the Ministry of Information and the country's Federal Reserve Board. The above sites were all shut down for sometimes after the assault, Fahim alleged. Throughout this time they showed a flag calling to stop the repression of Rohingya by the Myanmar administration, he said.

He added that the attack will continue until repression is over. Already Cyber-71 has attacked sites in different nations. It has also hijacked several sites in Pakistan when the uproar over the Bangladesh- Pakistan conflict tribunal came.

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