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The latest news about Myanmar. Unacceptable" government to respond slowly to the crisis in Myanmar, warned the deputies. Aung San Suu Kyi is believed to occupy a special position in the Myanmar government, with a similar mandate to that of a prime minister. You' ve seen the news, now you' re discovering the story. Receive the important messages in your inbox every morning!

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Myanmar's army forces have been arrested by Amnesty International for violating Muslims' fundamental freedoms..... After three paragraphs of the Criminal Law Book, four criminal reporter were indicted after they were indicted for blackmail..... Burma Native Land Public Co Ltd is constructing a new ropeway line over the Zwekabin mountain in Hpa - a.....

This World Bank-backed Nat onal Elektrification Program (NEP) will boost the Kayin state's electricity supply by..... Ministry of Education and the Goverment of France have organized a workshop for parliamentarians on.....

Force in Myanmar: Crowds fleeing new battles in Kachin State

In Myanmar's most northern state, tens of millions of people have escaped further battles between the armed forces and the Kachin rebel population. Tell the soldiers to beat the insurgents with air raids and guns. Relief agencies have called on the Algerian authorities to grant them permission. "It is our duty to protect these people." Who' re the Kachin mobsters?

Since 1961 the Kachin, who are mainly Christians, have been struggling for more independence in this predominantly buddhistic state. In Kachin and the north of Shan State, the fights are expected to displace an estimated 120,000 population. Since a cease-fire between the KIO and the army in 2011, there have been occasional battles.

Right-wing groups say that the military has intensified its campaigns, while worldwide awareness is focused on the Rohingya crises, which have seen some 700,000 refugees in Bangladesh. Last month's UNHR reported on an "increase in the number of breaches and infringements of fundamental rights", which included extra-judicial killing, acts of terrorism, and acts of forced marriage.

UN has asked the agencies to stop rejecting abuse cases in Kachin.

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