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Burma Government List

Reporting on elections, ministries, government redeployments and political changes. For a complete list, click on the image. Myanmar - List of lawyers and contacts for business services. The EU sanctions lists are often coordinated with Washington. Myanmar government, Naypyitaw.

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Burma gave us the list of Rohingya rebels, Bangladesh's Interior Minister says

Bangladesh has given Myanmar a list of hundred suspicious Rohingya rioters thought to be holed up across the line, but the safety measures have not yet brought rebel forces online, Bangladesh Interior Secretary BenarNews said in an Afghan press statement. Burma's officers provided the list of presumed members of the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) during a series of bi-lateral talks in Naypyidaw at the end of last months and asked Bangladesh to help them capture them, Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal said: "At the talks Myanmar presented us with a list of presumed members of arkasa.

There were over 500 people on the list who were supposed to be members of AARSA. Khan was among the officers who participated in discussions in Myanmar's capitol on October 24 to alleviate tension over a mass and unparalleled flow of Rohingya returnees from Myanmar's Rakhine state to southeast Bangladesh since late August.

Following EU-Bangladesh bipartisan discussions, the Bangladeshi government has been searching the south-eastern regions where more than one million Rohingya migrants from Myanmar are now located, but they have difficulties in locating rebel groups from Myanmar, Khan said: "We need more information about them.

Twenty-five, who murdered more than 100 men, among them tens of rebels, said officers who in turn unfettered a strike and told about fires and rapes on Rohingya communities that drove more than 600,000 displaced persons across the Bangladesh-Band. Myanmar's government has rejected claims that its police and the Rakhine Buddhist militias have attacked the Rohingya civilists in outrages.

28, have displaced persons camp in Ukhia, a sub-district of Cox's Bazar County, where most of the new Rohingya arrives are located. Prosecutors have checked the list names," said Manjurul Karim Khan Chowdhury, BenarNews, General Manager of the Southeast Asia Counter at the Bangladesh State Department:"[W]e have reassured them that not only ARSA,[but] no counterterrorist group in Bangladesh will receive patronage," he added.

In Cox' s Bazar, Mohammad Nur, General Secretar of the Kutupalong Tribal Camps, was sceptical about the RAB staff's attempts to search the area for fighters from ARSA: "Look, it' s not good for Bangladesh and Myanmar, and it' s al-Yaqin. We' ve experienced such a drama through Aars.

He said BenarNews in a telephone conversation with Cox's Bazar. In October 2016, when the group was still known as Harakah al-Yaqin (HaY), they launched assaults on frontier guards that murdered nine Myanmar police and provoke further action, resulting in the escape of some 87,000 Rohingya Muslims to south-eastern Bangladesh.

HaY was made up of Rohingya emigrants with connections to Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Bangladesh, according to a survey by the Brussels International Crisis Group (ICG).

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