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Gov't departments to launch video conferencing in six month's time

According to the Department of Livestock, Fisheries and Rural Development, videoconferences will be held between government agencies early next year. It will be carried out as part of an e-government management initiative. If the system goes on-line, civil servants can meet without having to vacate their bureaus, the department said.

This system should be up and running within the next six month. "We will publish the progress and implementation plans shortly. We', Dr. Tun Lwin, Minister of Rural Development, tells Myanmar Business Today,'We have begun to bring the e-government system to a working state.

"At the moment we only have the capability to run government sites, and we need to talk to the state and local level about how far we can go with our present capacity," he added. It is intended to set up a commission to monitor the eGovernment system. It is the task of the Audit and Audit Commission to estimate and suggest the extra budgetary needs for the work.

It is also planned to train staff from various government departments, said officers. Myanmar's very sluggish connectivity, which affects overall production, is one of the most urgent barriers to this work. "Clear and concrete objectives must be defined with respect to the e-government system, e.g. which government agencies will be implementing the programme.

If I want to renew a driver's license, for example, facts about where and when I can do this need to be specific," said Dr. Tun Thura Thet, General Secreter of the Myanmar Computer Professionals Association (MCPA). U Thein Sein has directed the trade unions and vice presidents to enhance telecommunications and web service to such an extent that they can boost the business needs of the general population and implement a functioning e-government system by carrying out 20-month missions in each minister.

"What's hampering the trial is that the law enforcement agencies think conventional. With the use of cell phones increasing in Myanmar with the anticipated spread of on-line paymentsystems, the e-government system is projected to dramatically cut the amount of patronage required to work with government agencies.

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