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Bangladesh's secretary says Myanmar's administration is roguish and mean | World Newspaper The Myanmar administration has been convicted of "evil" by a high-ranking Bangladeshi secretary, who said he did not believe that the hundred thousand Rohingya migrants could be returned. Over 700,000 Rohingya are living in refugee camp on the Bangladesh Myanmar frontier after escaping a violent army operation over the state of Rohingya.

Much of their houses and towns have been burnt down, killing tens of millions of people and raping tens of millions of women. It was Bangladesh that pressed for Rohingya to be sent back, but on Tuesday Abul Maal Abdul Muhith, Secretary of the Treasury, acknowledged that this looked more and more impossible. "I don't think the Rohingya can be sent back," he said in a Hindu Business Online commentary.

An expulsion treaty was initialled by the two states in November to allegedly begin the return of willing Rohingya to Rahkine. In January it was confirmed that the Rohingya is to be surrendered within two years. Rahkine also raises concern that it is still insecure for the Moslem majority, as most NGOs and organizations such as the UN are still outlawed.

Meanwhile, Rohingya continues to flow across the frontier to avoid prosecution. Muhith, blunt in his conviction of Myanmar, described the regime as malign. It also criticized his attempt at repatriating by saying it would take "15[Rohingya refugees] per person per diem if there are 1 million". He comes at a moment when the relationship between Bangladesh and Myanmar has been further fought by building up forces at the frontier, near a stretch of country of about 6,000 Rohingya.

Myanmar's administration persisted in protecting itself against terror. Whilst the Bangladeshi PM Sheikh Hasina has greeted the victim ised Rohingya, there are indications that the country's endurance is being put to the test by tens of millions of refugees who occupy the area. Bangladesh is experiencing widespread levels of extreme poverty, and this year's election schedule for the Rohingya return is a contentious one for the ruling Awami League.

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