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Anglo-American Embassy Rangoon, Rangoon, Myanmar. The British government is not being honest with Myanmar. Vous trouverez ces informations sous

The human rights dimension will remain at the heart of British policy in Burma. Declare financial sanctions against the state of Myanmar (Burma).

Myanmar and Great Britain

Our aim is for Burma to become a robust, wealthy and dynamic democracy that plays a beneficial part in the global economy and supports Britain's interests. Part of Southeast Asia, Burma is part of a multifaceted and independent area that offers a range of possibilities for the UK. See DFID Burma for more information on developments.

Burma International Trade Department

The Department for International Commerce (DIT) is helping British businesses to be successful in the international market. Our services also help foreign businesses to attract high value investments into the UK's vibrant business environment. Providing businesses with the necessary tooling to compete on the international scene. Burmese DIT is helping businesses in the UK improve their ability to compete through Burma's international trading.

In addition, we provide expert, personalized and competent support to help Burmese enterprises relocate and grow in the UK. With DIT, you can get committed, personal and personalized support in finding and expanding your UK company, learn more about our investing opportunities or get in touch with us to learn more. The DIT supports organisations abroad in the procurement of UK goods and service and in establishing contacts with UK counterparts.

Find out more about our foreign business service. We can help you with every stage of your UK and Australian exports, learn more about our exports service or get in touch with us to learn more. Please see our guideline for Burma exports. The DIT offers free of charge distribution contacts from its global distribution networks.

Looking for exports. The DIT and its partner organisations in the UK and abroad to support businesses wishing to expand. They can scan planned incidents and sign up for notifications.

German Football Association (DFID) Burma

See how the UK will react to opportunity and challenge, what is being done for the UK and with whom we work. Myanmar is at a crucial time; as an historic and committed partner in an important and fast-growing area that is preserving Burma's security and promoting wealth in the UK.

Myanmar is one of the impoverished nations in Asia and one of the most disaster-prone states. Burma can use its envious position between China, India and Southeast Asia to make headway towards a common prosperous and stable futures for its 52 million population. For a full UK response to opportunity and challenge, what is being done for the UK and with whom we work, please see the full Burma countryspectrum.

You can find more information about our program and the UK spending on Burma here: the UK budget for Burma:

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