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The Good News Travels is a fully private company owned and operated by Myanmar citizens. Yangon, Myanmar Good News Travels. Great News Travels & Tours Ltd. And the good news is that the standards are often higher. Myanmar Good News Travels management and staff are looking forward to sending you a Christmas greeting in early April.


"MYAN means "fast" and "MAR" means "strong", so in other words "MYANMAR" means the land of fast and powerful souls. Contrary to what it actually means when Myanmar and its peoples have usually opted for "slow" and "simple" action, one can probably say that there has never been a rapid and powerful economic and political development in the nation's entirety.

So it' okay to travel in Myanmar. Burma: Myanmar has much to contribute as a emerging traveler' s paradise, mainly built on culture because it is known for its archeological sites, antique monuments and art. Burma has a wide range of touristic amenities such as nature reserves with stunning geographic characteristics such as snow-capped hills, streams, valleys, isles and seaside towns.

Myanmar's abundant nature, which includes wild animals and endemic plant and animal life, also attracts people. In addition to cultural and cultural travel, Myanmar has great promise in fostering eco-tourism, recreation and recreation, as well as healthcare and sports touring. Other Myanmar rides are all year round in various parts of Myanmar.

This is a great opportunity for tourists and travellers to get in touch with the locals and take part in the village activities, to see the beliefs and practices of the locals. Burma will always be one of the truly genuine Asia experience, with incomparable natural beauties, unusual friendliness of its peoples and unique cultural tradition.

Geographic data and facts: The full legal name of the Republic of Myanmar is "Republic of the Union of Myanmar". Myanmar is the second biggest area in Southeast Asia after Indonesia with a surface area of 676,578,500 square kilometres. It is, however, the biggest of the Southeast Asian states and the fortyth biggest state in the run.

Burma lies between the land with the world's biggest armed forces, China and India, the world's most populated state. There are three mountains in parallel: Arakan (Yakine Yoma), Pegu (Bago Yoma) and Shan Plateau (Shan Yoma). Burma has the highest hill in Southeast Asia, the Kakabo Razi (5881 meters) in the most northern part of the state.

They divide the land into three systems of rivers: the Ayeyarwaddy (the Irrawaddy), the Sittang and the Thanlwin (the Salween). Ayeyarwaddy is the longest Myanmar stream, stretching 2170 km from north to south, which originates in the Himalayan ice sheet and ends in the Andaman Sea.

Both Ayeyarwady and Chindwin are important springs of livelihood in the arid lowlands of the state.

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