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Yangon, Myanmar Good News Travel. Have you got a recommended travel agent in Myanmar? in the Looptail, The Travel Blog Powered By G Adventures. Have a good trip & tour. Include a photo for Good News Travels.

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Me and my missus just got back from a three-week voyage to South East Asia. We' had a great one. Our 10-day stay in Myanmar has far surpassed our high standards thanks to William. At the end we had the right moment in Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake.

We' had been reading on-line and hearing about the high standard of the GNT guidelines, an important part of the journey's succes. We were" inspired" by our leader at every turn. The other dinner - a Kraut physician - provided immediate help, but our leader, through his native supervisor, quickly organized for a Kraut physician to come back to the motel and check them more thoroughly.

There were memorable encounters with KaiKai, a 15-year-old who sells jewelry on Bagan beaches, and a main friar who launched a programme to help deprived kids make it to their schooling. We' re very fortunate that the F├╝hrer was selected for us. At the end of the journey, he was a real pal.

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Myanmar has always promoted culture as it has many places of culture and worship. It' important to know that Myanmar has the other important part of its culture, the "people of Myanmar". Myanmarans have a very interesting way of life and are known for their non-commercial smile.

However, in the promotion of sustainable development it is important that the tourist industry stands out for the long-term benefits of the land and its population. The only way the tourist industry will be environmentally and regionally sustainable is if it starts and thrives in a systematic way. Today, a new type of tourist has been born. With this new type of tourist one would observe the mindset of travellers.

Previously, travellers mainly travelled to foreign lands through their camcorder lenses. Today, tour operators and travellers collect money themselves and are committed to protecting the environment, preserving culture and educating the kids of the guest state. You will see how travellers collect money and attend the novitiation ceremonies of seven young people from the Min-Na-Thu town of Bagan.

Bagan is the most important sight in Myanmar and the most frequented in all of Myanmar. More than 2000 shrines and antique memorials from the ninth to the thirteenth centuries. But not to mention Bagan has its towns full of the Baganese.

All of them have a very interesting way of life, culture feasts, religion feasts and their cuisine. Bagan and the Bagan population. Good News Travels is very thankful for the good news, friendliness, hospitality as well as help of the Bagan community to all of us and to all travellers in Bagan.

We would like to thank all the people of Bagan. I am proud to announce this extract from the Myanmar International TV programme to mark his first year.

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