Myanmar good

Burma good

Korea Republic and Burma generally have good relations. Business card exchange is common in Myanmar. All that we ordered was good. In recent years Myanmar has developed a flourishing café culture and many good cafés have emerged in the city. From" Change is Scary" to" Change is Good".

Guide with good English & good driver?

I am considering to visit Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay, Pyin Oo Lwin, Inwa, & Hsipaw for 10 or less than that. Can I take a full excursion from Mandalay to Bagan, Pyin Oo Lwin, Inwa and Hsipaw? What is the approximate travelling times to each of these places? When I have a driver/guide with a vehicle, can I get a tour around Inwa (because I didn't get any good criticism about the horse-drawn carriage riders there)?

Burma Japan Thilawa Development Limited

Thilawa Development Limited (MJTD) was founded on January 10, 2014 as the owner and designer of a specific part of the Thilawa Special Economic Zone. This is the first SEZ in Myanmar and a huge undertaking strongly endorsed by the Myanmar and Japanese governmens. The Thilawa SEZ is situated 23 km south-east of Yangon town center, between Kyauktan Township and Thanlyin Township.

This is the most prosperous SEZ in Myanmar and contributes significantly to the country's economy. Thilawa SEZ is ideally located for investment, with excellent facilities and favourable taxation benefits. Myanmar's government has reserved 2,400 hectares of Thilawa' acres for the Special Zone.

Succeeding in winning investment has made it necessary to expand. The MJTD started work on Zone-B in February 2017.

Information and Communication Technologies in Higher Learning - Prospects from Myanmar

In Myanmar last months, groups of enthusiastic pupils from state schools traveled to an ICT education centre in Nay Pyi Taw to spent a whole holiday in Myanmar to learn about text editing and secure web use. In October, another group of Myanmar secondary schools were already waiting for the results of the National ICT Awards contest, in which they had participated for the first a year.

It' s a little bit harder to believe, but five years ago it was still tricky and costly to buy a mobile phone in Yangon, Myanmar's number-one town. In some cases, if a public country college had smartphones, trays or laptop computers, it was not possible to recharge them correctly because there was no solid power-supply.

Undergraduates had the opportunity to improve their knowledge of Anglophone and to complement their study plan with life-skills courses. In the course of this monthly we will take up approx. 3,000 new pupils of the class 7 into the programme. Teacher education in ICTConnect to Learn has also educated nearly 300 Myanmar educators to use ICT in their daily work.

With the 31 school students in the programme having little laptop and web based expertise, they are now compiling their own learning material from information they have found there. In addition, educators have set up a Facebook based avatar where they can exchange pictures, video and lessons.

It enables them to interoperate and learnt from their peers in other areas in a way they could not before. This is the first use of such a teacher training in a Connect to Learning project. Telenor Myanmar's summerschool is part of its corporate citizenship to help close the gulf between the countryside and city.

Myanmar Telenor recognized the need for this interventional programme last year when they met with local councils of their ministry partners' families and schoolteachers. The found out that families wanted to give their kids the chance to acquire new abilities in the middle of the year, but not everyone could make a living.

It is interesting to see that both adults and pupils value ICT knowledge, as the present group of pupils active recommends ICT to their contemporaries. They have also voiced the wish that the programme will be continued next year and the duration of the apprenticeship extended.

The Myanmar Connect to learn pupils and those who attended Telenor Myanmar's first Myanmar Youth Day e-learning program are sharing an enthusiasm for ICT and a readiness to study that sometimes amazed their families and schoolteachers. We' re determined to keep this sparks going, which is one of the reason why our long-standing involvement in Connect to learn is continuing not only in Myanmar, but also in the 21 other counties where we operate.

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