Myanmar Golf course Yangon

Yangon Myanmar Golf Course

Myanmar Golf Course | Yangon Golf Club New Yangon Golf Course description: The Yangon Golf Course is one of the oldest in Myanmar. It was founded by an unfamiliar British architect in 1909. Nonetheless, the team has passed the age until today and is often upgraded to give great experiences to golf players. A 25-minute car ride to the north of Yangon is required to get to the Blue Angel World.

It is a non-profit organisation. Over the years, the clubs have experienced many difficulties such as floods in the monsoons and cracks in the drought, so the hole is moved from one point to another. The course has now been upgraded and well cared for so that it can be enjoyed all year round.

This course is usually demanding but offers a lot of enjoyment to the player. This course is a favourite with the public because it is home to the Asian PGA Tour, which is popular with local and foreign audiences equally. New lawns with JPONICA lawn in 2000 raised the course to meet recognised global norms.

They are very professionally and kindly approached to offer the golfer a great deal of expertise. Myanmar Yangon is a respectable golf course. Golf Yangon Golf Course Photos: with other golf course for your next golf vacation. We' re currently adding several hundred pictures to our golf course data base.

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