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Burma Golf Course

Golf Holidays and Tours in Myanmar | Myanmar Golf Courses But before you plan a golf holiday in Myanmar, you need to be conscious of the environment and pick the best travel period. Myanmar has three distinct tourist seasons, with the cooler months being the best for golf. It is a cold period between November and February, with the temperature between 21 and 27 Celsius throughout the year.

It is not only pleasant in temperature, but there is also very little rainy, which is ideal for golf. Hottest time of the year is between March and April and while humidity keeps the temperature above 40°C, which can be unpleasant when golfing. So if you plan to golf in Myanmar during this time, make sure you have equipment for humid wheather and don't be suprised to see very intense rainfall.

For a golf vacation in Myanmar and the best golfing environment, it is best to make your reservation between November and February. Once you have chosen when to come and see us, the thrilling part of golfing in Myanmar is the choice of golf course where you can test your game.

There is an outstanding choice of golf in Myanmar, as noted above, but perhaps the Pun Huing Golf Club, created by Gary Player. The 18-hole course was opened in 2000 and is located 12 kilometers western of Yangon, Myanmar's seaport.

This course is suited for beginner as well as for advanced golfer, with streams and ponds on many pits. It is maintained in good shape all year round, despite the test circumstances and has hosted several top events, such as the Myanmar Masters and the Putra Cup.

Visiting Pun Alaing Golf Club is a must when golfing in Myanmar and offers stunning scenic vistas of the town and the Shwedagon Pagoda, the famed gold-plated Stupa. A further top 18-hole golf course near Yangon is Royal Mingalardon Golf and Country Club. The par 72 course is set at 7,200 and every single pocket has been designed to be one of a kind from the start.

Strategically placed bunkers and sophisticated fountains are the two striking parts of the golf course and with great vistas from many green areas it is simple to take the view from the course. But with well-groomed green ery and beautiful tree life, your attention will not be long in coming back to the golf course.

A large, beautifully decorated club house should put Royal Mingalardon Golf and Country Club at the top of your Myanmar golf vacation itinerary. On your way northwards through Myanmar, away from Yangon, you will find a stunning golf course in one of Myanmar's magnificent caves. The Began golf course is located next to a golf course of the same name and is only ten driving min. away from the old Began.

There is breathtaking scenery around this course and you will find it hard to find the feel of Began Golf Course anywhere else in the game. It is not a big challange even for beginners, as there are no obstacles and minimum bunkers.

Take your free moment, unwind and savour the unforgettable surroundings of the Began Golf Course. On the way back to Yangon you will find one of Myanmar's oldest golf clubs, the Yangon Golf Centres. Founded by the British in 1909, this golf course is constantly being upgraded to provide today's golfer with a great place to golf.

The Yangon Golf Course is unique in many ways, first, because it is run as a non-profit organization. Over the years, the course has experienced some difficulties due to floods in the rainy seasons and cracks in the year. Yet, however, cash has been reinvested back into the golf club, both of which has been helping to keep it during the examination of meteorological condi-tions.

Several tees are needed to transport seawater and well-placed hoppers contribute to the overall challenges of the course. Yangon Golf Club has been on the Asian PGA Tour many times, which underlines the Yangon Golf Club's commitment to excellence and guarantees you a warm welcome from the personnel and great advices from the team.

Don't get out of Myanmar without playing a round of golf at Yangon Golf Club. Eventually to one of the largest golf estates in Myanmar, Yangon City Golf. The golf course has two 18-hole golf greens, of which the first, Ngwe Thaw Tar, was opened in 1994 and the second, Myakantha, in 1996.

Every course has a different set of challenges, with Myakantha being the harder thanks to the tight, tree-lined course. They are both well looked after all year round and it is no wonder that the Asian PGA Tour has visited more than once. So when you golf in Myanmar, you have a great choice of golf courts to choose from.

Paragliding in Yangon is the biggest focus of classes, but you should take the leisure to tour up the land and learn other classes, such as Bagan Golf Resort and Aye Thar Yar Golf Resort.

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