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As I have got to know my Burmesi friend Lu Lu Lu.

When I congratulated my boyfriend and his woman and a part of the whole household, I went across the stage and saw this eastern woman sit alone. She had seen me with some of my girlfriends before. but I didn't have a girlfriend.

So, we switched numbers, and I said I'd call her. He was the first female Orient with whom I was ever with. It was so different from the girls I went out with before. You wanted a Karen nana in your home in America, and Lu Lu Lu volunteered for the position to spend a few years in her state.

The first time I was with Lu Lu Lu, I never thought it would take as long as I was with other sisters. On a certain date, when I had a date with one of my other boyfriends and Lu Lu couldn't hear Lu Lu telling Lu that I couldn't come to her.

Mostly I was with Lu Lu Lu this weekend. I had never seen Lu Lu Lu nightclubs before, and I took them all the times I used to hang out at nights. Although I went out with Lu Lu Lu, it didn't stop me from my poor drinking-duties. I came to pick Lu Lu up one evening and we went to a mate of mine.

I' ve been drinkin' since I got to Lu Lu's. I had more to eat when we got to my boyfriend. It was really rainy and freezing when we were leaving his home that evening, and I was driving my vehicle 55mph, where the 25 mph cruise was.

The policeman asked for my driver's licence when I roll down the screen. As I was rolling down the windshield, the hot air from the vehicle came out and the policeman could breathe my sniff. Cops said I drove too fast and you're a drunk too. And the policeman said to me, "What should I do with you?

" And I said to the policeman, "Make up your mind, you want me or my car". I drank and I didn't give a damn. He was terrified as I spoke to the policeman and began to speak to the policeman. The policeman said to my surprise: "You have to make up your minds and go home slowly".

I would have had a fast driving and drink pass that I hadn' t had Lu Lu Lu in my vehicle that evening, and she knows I could have stayed the whole sleep in prison. I went to a squareshow with Lu Lu one week. Lu Lu Lu became the crowd-puller of the evening on the dancing hall.

He was even asked to show one of the local dancing in the centre of the ball. I must have drank too many beer as the evening went on, I recall paying twenty-five eurocents a can. I had a boyfriend who had a dairying business not far from this place.

Lu Lu Lu realized that I had too many beverages and didn't like driving the vehicle. I gave Lu Lu the keys to the vehicle and asked her to take it. Lu Lu Lu tells me that she had been driving a vehicle in Burma, but that was years ago.

Over and over again I told her to keep driving, because there was nothing wrong with driving my vehicle. This was an automated process and all you had to do was put it into the engine and press the accelerator pod. Near my friend's place, the street took a nice turn. I was frightened to death of Lu Lu Lu, but I was drinking so much ale that I didn't give a damn that one.

So we went to my friend's place, not too far from the auto crash. It was still possible for me to return home that evening, but the doors were so severely broken that I exchanged them for another used one.

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