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Myanmar's youngest maids | Myanmar

As a Myanmar girl dropped out of the windows of a high-rise apartment in Singapore, the event came as a shock to the general population and the message came that the girl was just 15 years old. By 2016, an East survey found that Myanmar women had been abducted to Singapore to work as house help.

Zin Zin, the 15-year-old who dropped out of the high-rise apartment, went to Singapore with high expectations to help her wife and daughter, but now she has to depend on her mom to take after her. It shows 101 East the pass with which she came to Singapore - it has a false name and a false date of origin.

Zino Zin identified a photo of the man she says was helping her get the pass. He' s a congressman in Myanmar. If 101 East contacted him, he'd deny any misconduct. There is a little town in Myanmar where a little boy is mourned. Young Yan Aung's younger brother passed away last year after she fell out of another high-rise flat in Singapore.

I only know that she has fallen from a high place," he says to 101 East. 101 East in this installment shows the mighty, dirty powers still benefiting from the work of endangered young women in Myanmar.

Myanmar's Prodigal Maidens

FALAM, CHIN STATE, Myanmar, June 6 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Van Biak was only two short days away from her home in Leilet in northwestern Myanmar, but her mom was in distress when they hugged on the porch. She and her elder sibling Van Hnem went to Singapore to find work as a maid in their isolated town in Chin State, Myanmar's impoverished area, where 73 per cent of the people live below the povt.

In September 2014, a series of high-profile cases of employee abuses led the federal administration to impose a transitional prohibition on working as a maid for migrants. However, since the number of houseworkers moving abroad has few economical possibilities at home, the number of foreigners has not fallen and more are doing so unlawfully, which prompts the new Aung San Suu Kyi outlaw.

Hnem, 18 years old, came to Singapore with six other Leilet women, attracted by the opportunity to earn up to $370 (S500) a months, in comparison to Myanmar's minimum salary of about $67 "I am so afraid that they will be used as slavery ", her mom said, a worry that is shared by all mothers whose subsidiaries now work abroad unlawfully.

Not only has the prohibition not prevented Myanmar woman from going abroad, it has also created a trafficking illegal economy which, according to the Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics (HOME), which was established to safeguard the human and labour law of migrants in Singapore, poses a greater threat to trafficking and trafficking of migrants.

HOME Chief Executive Jolovan Wham said that the number of Myanmar servants in Singapore increased by 50 per cent between 2013 and 2015, with over 30,000, proving that the prohibition was not working. "Unfortunately, many Singapore employees are demanding Myanmar servants because they are more accessible and generally more compliant," Wham said to the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

Before he moved to China, Sian Men Mawi worked as a legal servant girl in Singapore, attracted by the promises of a profitable job they made. But Sian Men, 26, said she was slain by her operative, who imprisoned a number of Myanmar women in segregated homes, turning them through various roles, keeping their salaries and never having them repay their debt.

"Sian Men from her mother's house in the Chinese town of Zawgnte said, "We didn't know that the operative would take advantage of another person like this. After Sian Men escaped, he took the coach back to Myanmar to get away from the cops who occupied the control points along the itinerary. Thomson Reuters Foundation succeeded in reaching Melody, Sian Men's Guangzhou operative, who confessed to imposing six months of bonded labor but refused to take advantage of her people.

Myanmar Overseas Employment Agencies Federation has said that it has become more challenging for the government to monitor the movements of household help across Myanmar's border as large labour offices have been superseded by individuals trafficked in human beings, often from the people-center. "It' s particularly hard to follow the trade with Chin and Kayin women because their churches are often involved," said Win Tun, MOEAF vice-chairman.

Last year there were 130 formal cases of human trafficking in Myanmar with a combined toll of 641 deaths. Myanmar's only county not to have registered any formal cases. There is no Chin State subsidiary of the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Police Division. Thomson Reuters Foundation approached the closest agency in Kalaymyo, Sagaing area, but they were not able to report on the human traffic situation in their state.

MOEAF concluded a MOU in 2015 with 12 Hong Kong job centres that are willing to deal with Myanmar's workers in accordance with the Federation's labor practices and are seeking similar arrangements in other states. "They would make it less risky for women because we protect their labor laws in their home country, have information about who is abroad and can help anyone who gets into trouble," Win Tun said.

Thomson Reuters Foundation's Labour Department refused to give an opinion on the Thomson Reuters Foundation, but a parliamentarian commission is now considering whether the prohibition should be lifted. "We' re just awaiting the approval of the new administration, we' re prepared to enter into agreements with companies that we know provide good pay and working terms, such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau and Japan," Win Tun said.

However, until then, the activists fear that tens of thousands trafficked and exploited Chinese and Myanmar female victims will still be seeking jobs as maids via IUMS.

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