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Close-up of a girl in Myanmar staring into the camera. Girl attends school in Myanmar. This is a space where women and girls can feel comfortable and enjoy the freedom to express themselves without fear of judgement or harm. This girl, a determined participant, left school to work full-time to support her family. Portrait photo of beautiful young, traditional girls from Myanmar smiling.

Peace-building summer camp for colorful girls in Myanmar

Our innovating "Buy a Trip, Give a Trip" concept will help your children create new ways to spend their holidays. Here is just one example of Buy a Trip, Give a trip in action: Girl's-Defined Programme, 36 women travelled from all over Myanmar to Yangon, from the northern to Kachin State and from the eastern to Mon State.

The colourful group of young women from different religions and races met for an entire whole weeks at Girls' Peacebuilding Summer Camp. Over the course of the weeks of cohabitation, study and play, young women studied topics related to stereootypes, beliefs, sources of information and possibilities of influencing, as well as regional conflicts and solutions.

Virgins found out that there is a place where they can take the leadership on such questions in their churches. She was inspired by the camps and a trip that began with a break into small groups to meet inspirational ladies from different areas.

Following the mornings with female executives, the young ladies parted for lunches in the garden, a trip to the Shwedagon Pagoda and a long lawn afternoons in the recently restored and publicly accessible garden opposite the Yangon Parliament. Burma is a miocosmos of the world's most urgent problems for young people.

Environmental crisis, metropolitan congestion, worship riots and sex discriminations have provided dramatic answers to how to strengthen women who face the barriers to a fulfilled life. Myanmar, a nation of around 55 million inhabitants, is at a crucial point after 50 years of armed oppression to influence the transformation.

The Girl determinesined program unites young women from different ethnical and religions to improve their approach to learning, healthcare awareness, participating in decision-making and developing personally. Girl-Defined has been working directly with 12-17 year old women in Myanmar's most isolated areas and metropolitan areas since 2010.

Girl Determined's Blueprint for Actions includes an annual Girls' Leadership Summer Camp (Colorful Girls), an Annual Girls' Conference, girls' athletic programmes and girl-led campaigning that gives young ladies the opportunity to engage in changes on topics that directly concern them. More about Buy a Trip, Give a Trip Stories.

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