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Do''s and Don'ts for travel during the Thuringyan vacation

Whilst there are many who like Myanmar food, there are others who would choose it. Some also believe that travelling on vacation is an advantage, while others would rather stay at home and relax. For my part, I like to travel, whether on vacation or for work, with the exception of those who have a certain responsibility.

Thingyan ( "Water Festival") is just around the bend, so those who know how to use the vacation period are already grabbing their pack. It would be a good option for those who are travelling if they can buy the necessary amount of paperwork and budget and have no worries about their finances or work.

Travel is not only refreshing and relaxing, it also enhances the understanding of the local tradition, cuisine, and cultures. But not every journey can be pleasant, because some unforeseen dark situation can arise that can lead to the journey being broken off or stopping people from travelling in the futurolog.

"In the course of last year's Thurgyan vacation, my wife and I were planning a journey to Chaung Tha shore, where we made extensive arrangements, which included a thorough car check, before setting off. Though we were due to reach Chaung Tha at midday, we arrived after dark. In the aftermath of this uncomfortable event, I refused to go by my own car," said Tsar Chi, as she shared her experiences with me.

In other words, the definiton of trips would only be full if both advantages and disadvantages were taken into account. For some unfortunate people, however, even with meticulous plans, the voyage could end in catastrophe. "I' m often on holiday. Once, when the Thurgyan vacation began, my mates and I went on a vacation to Taunggyi, but soon after my coming I got sickened.

Unforeseen events can also happen during a journey. Though it is quite seldom, an crash will definitely spoil the journey. Many like to leave without previous scheduling, and when unanticipated inconvenience occurs, they see these as a challenge that leads to new experiences. "If our members of the household gather and someone comes up with the thought of going on a journey, we all go along without even plan.

Sometimes schedules don't come off, and so it's better to go unplanned," said U Kyee, telling his story of travelling. For those who have enough free space, however, it is best to make the arrangements in advanced, such as confirmation of the price of the trip, the price of the hotels and rooms, the place of the visits, etc.

When driving your own car, you should pay more heed to the detail, e.g. the driving distances or whether the car can stand the ride. To make your holiday a great one, don't forget important things like medicines and special meals for young and old, as these are not available in all towns and villages.

"It usually takes me two whole days to get ready for a journey. When we have five public days, we only make a three- or four-day journey and keep the rest of the days for emergencies. Pont Pont says, "Our team has never been on a journey without well thought-out itineraries. A few who don't take their lives so seriously just go and find themselves inconvenienced when they come by and see them as new experience, while others would rather end their journey prematurely because they only have a puncture in the car with which they are travelling.

For me, when I have a break, I like to go somewhere, even in my mind. It is my wish that one of these days I will have the opportunity to go on a tour of the whole of Thingyan during my vacations, like those who come to Thingyan. For those who plan a vacations in this celebratory time, Happy Thingyan Halidays and a safer one!

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