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Myanmar's women who are being trafficked into sexual work | Human rights

Than Than Than Htwe's home is raised above a standing lake in Seikkyi Khanaungdhoownship, an islet located at the confluence of the Yangon and Twante Rivers in Myanmar's biggest city." They share the one-room home with eight members of their families and a host of fatal mosquitos festering in the thick, verdant waters beneath their nod.

She was unemployed and had to lend 40,000 kyats (about 30 dollars) from her sibling. Whenever Than Than Htwe cannot pay back the full amount, she must give her sibling 2,000 kyats ($1.48) in interest. One year later, through these interest rates, she was paying her sisters far more than the initial amount, but the debts remain.

She' s on the streets shouting:'I didn't give you the cash for nothing' and other terrible things,' says Than Than Than Htwe. A recent poll in three cities found that 85 per cent of homes borrowed from a lender. Whilst the loans can help them out of an immediate monetary distress to salvage the interest rate - which ranges from 5 per cent a day to 30 per cent a month - falling the borrowers in an eternal debt repayment cylce.

Myanmar's trading capitol, Yangon, is a major attraction for immigrant countrymen who want to profit from the country's fast pace of growth. Over 80 per cent of the Save the Children interviewed households are living on 2,000 kyats (about $1.48) per capita per diem, less than the World Bank's $1.90 per family.

Most of those tried to live off even less, just 1,000k yat (about $0. 74) per person per diem. Of Than Than Htwe's boys, two work as Trinshav riders and earn about 5,000 kyats a days (about $3.7). They can' t recall the starting amount, but they can't pay the interest and their debts have now increased to 500,000 Kie.

I worry in the mornings that I have to lend more and in the evenings I worry that I have to repay it and at nights I worry about it. "I only have to walk around[and] lend my neighbors' cash to get my interest, and now I get annoyed by my borrowers.

More than 50 per cent of homes in the areas interviewed by Save the children took out loans just to buy groceries. Her research also shows that 50 per cent of these kids leave college at the under-13s. Whilst Myanmar's literacy is nominal free, the costs of snack bars, note books and non-formal study fee are too high for those who are fighting for the repayment of their debt.

Htwe's Than Than' Sohn left college at the age of 16 and now helps the whole household by buying fruits at a local supermarket. Outside the classroom and with high levels of domestic indebtedness, she is also susceptible to forced labor, early marriages or perhaps even more so. "At such high interest levels, a penniless familiy can very quickly find itself in debts of 4akh ('about $296), 5akh ('about $370) or even 6 lak ('about $444).... there are only[a] few ways to get this kind of cash quickly, and sexual work is one of the quickest things to find," says Maxime Boutry, the human figure.

They sold veggies from a stand in front of their home, which she used to share with her dad and two kids while her man worked abroad as a fisher. until both her dad and her dad die. To die is an expensely priced deal in Myanmar, with clinics and convents demanding at least 100,000 kyats (about $74) to burry the corpse and present a deathbed, Slingsby says.

She was compensated for her husband's loss of life, but still had to lend 50,000 kyats (about 37 dollars) for her father's graves. It could not pay the five per cent interest per day and the debts quickly trebled. "When you' re the wife in the household and you' re not literate, your only option is to work.

Things are very tough here, especially in Yangon, and we need to find enough cash for our families to survive," she says, defending herself against crying. "I can make a great deal of profit, repay my debts, provide for my kids and help my families in this business. "She says, "I can give my kids much better meals than the other folk around here.

By 2015, Care International had carried out a poll of females sexual labourers in Myanmar's two major towns, Yangon and Mandalay. Again and again, indebtedness was mentioned as the reason for the entry of mothers into the sector. But it seldom resolved the problem, as their family often lends to pay for jobs and the woman sexual labourers continue to owe.

In addition to the support of her two kids, Ma Ei Pyi is now the head nurse for her mom, three brothers and sisters, sister-in-law and nephews, all of whom have settled into their one-room hous. She had to take out another 50,000 kyats (about 37 dollars) to help finance her sister-in-law at childbirth last week.

As she struggles to cut the amount she owed, Ma Ei Pyi has been freed from day-to-day interest and now earns 10 per cent interest per month on 170,000 kyats (about $126) in cumulative credit. "and they' re lucky to give a nickel to a mongrel. You know that I have a stable salary and will repay the money," she says.

May Egg Pyi makes 10,000 to 15,000 kyats (about 7 to 11 dollars) per meeting, three times the amount of the typical day's wages of a female working in Thayar' s notorious clothing mill. However, sexual work is a hazardous profession in Myanmar, which banned industrial activities in 1949. When we don't give them enough cash, they arrested us," she says.

Mum-Ei-Pyi says that sometimes the cops don't just ask for cash. "He' s always asking me about young and beautiful young women, offering me 50,000 kyats (about 37 dollars) for everyone I canvass. "That' s the most evident connection between debts and the sexual intercourse.... for a girl's maidenhood it's 5 leks (about $370) for the whole household, that's a really big amount of cash they can't make anywhere else.

"People do not go blind to the area, the recruitment agencies often depend on the moneylenders who know their surroundings well. "When one compares the place with the award ceremony, the award ceremony is much better right now," she says, blowing away flying from the pristine currys. As Aye Winn Sann says, she has never even known someone who sells sexual to settle his debts.

It says that the risk falls exclusively on the moneylender. At the beginning of the year, Aye Winn Sann loses two million kyats (about $1,480) when four homes vanished in the midnight and left an empty cabin and some unsecured credit. In order to prevent further monetary losses, Aye Winn Sann has ceased loaning funds to outsiders, but is still borrowing a max of 30,000 kyats ($22) with 20 per cent interest per month to her neighbors.

"They said, "If I don't give them enough for them. Under the Moneylender Act of 1945, those wishing to borrow must obtain an offical licence. Licensees must comply with stringent financial reporting requirements and any contract containing interest or interest rate exceeding 12% per year for a collateralised or 18% per year for an unfunded credit is inadmissible.

"They' re usually those in the church who have more than their neighbors' and have discovered an occasion to earn even more.... Some can be very tough, but they don't usually become aggressive. "When I need cash, I usually negotiate with the government because I cooperate with them," she says.

No one from the local authority was available to answer the claim that they were working with moneylenders. Wrestling with the deal, Win Win Moe took a 100,000 ($73) Kieat with 20 per cent interest per month to increase the family's earnings, but it was not enough to keep her 16-year-old girl in college.

Their fate shifted when the 34 females who lived on their streets in the North Okkalapa block formed a group of savers in 2009 in the hope that they would breach the circle of debts that burdened their livelihood. Every member is investing 3,200 kyats ($2.34) per weeks in the group saving accounts - a padlock closely watched over by group manager Aye Aye Khing.

Group cash and cash equivalents currently amount to 3,321,000 kyats ($2,430). Females take turns borrowing 1,000,000,000,000 kyats ($732), which are usually spent on a company. The Group shares this 5 per cent interest rate at the end of the year. After paying the first mortgage, she took up another one, this one with the funds to buy new items for her show.

"That group is good, because if you're not a member, your hosts are the only ones who can help you when you're in difficulty - your host families or a moneylender. "but we really are like one big group. "The group is backed by grassroots NGO Frauen for the World, which has contributed to the creation of 80 community saving groups across Myanmar, thus breaching the indebtedness of nearly 4,000 females.

Only one road away from the well-tended gardens of Win Win Win Win Soe, others are living in run-down huts exposed to the rapacious credit policies of informally trained loanshark. The extent of Myanmar metropolitan deprivation, which the World Bank has described as "surprisingly high", is only just beginning to be recognised by international NGOs. "Urbane Armut is still not something to put your budget into, it is not very fashionable," says Slingsby.

" The World Bank says Yangon's poor rate is 34 per cent, only three per cent below the country's level of country livelihood. The socio-economic graduate program initiated by the Bangladeshural Advancement Committee (Brac) and acclaimed for its effects on country wealth.

However, it is an costly program that involves a range of domestic money and wealth transfer, and Safe the Child still needs to find a donator. In the meantime, more family debts will increase, more babies will be taken out of education and more girls will be compelled to pay back their credit.

"She says I don't want to use moneylenders."

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