Myanmar Ghost Town

Burma Ghost Town

" During this time I have no income," he told the Myanmar Times last week. Naypyidaw first became Myanmar's capital a decade ago after a multi-million dollar development project. Shortage of investors, company leaves the stock exchange a virtual ghost town. andalay is the second largest city (after Yangon) in Myanmar. Naypyidaw, as Myanmar's capital, would be expected to deal with humans.

"Myanmar's ghost town of a capitol is four time larger than London with a small percentage of the city''s people.''.

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Myanmar's ghost town at the heart of reform

It is the busiest time in the world's emptyest capitol. Naypyidaw, whose name means "King Town of the Sun", with its perfectly flat streets, occasionally concentrations of the same apartments and a fistful of stores and diners, doesn't feel like a big town, but more like the setting for a recent eviction. This testifies to the hybris and paradox of the army rule that governed Myanmar for almost 50 years.

However, last year Naypyidaw became the centre of the world' s interest as a flood of reform has emerged from the vast parliamentary building block on the edge of the city - a group of 31 palace-like structures, which are watched over by several kilometers of steel bars and an artifical fen. The release of detainees, the relaxation of regulations on censure and the threat of economical reform are undermining the profitable influence of the army's elites on the informal world.

In the past few months, the democratic symbol Aung San Suu Kyi rented a house in the town after she and 42 members of her National League for Democracy had won parliamentary seat in a by-election that was exceptionally not forged. This gives the National Democratic Party (NLD) six percent of parliamentary seat in a country that is still ruled by current and former warlords.

However, the historical time when the NLD took its seat after the 2010 elections boycott did not leave everyone impressed. According to press coverage, the costs of constructing the town amount to approximately $4 billion (14.6 billion Dh), an expenditure reportedly fuelled by the junta's anxiety about an incursion by ship in the former Yangon metropolis, 320 kilometers southward, as the British said in the nineteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Somehow the Naypyidaw government kept Naypyidaw from almost everyone until its revelation in November 2005. Officials were notified one full working days before the move from Yangon to the interior. "Every Friday I go back to my hosts in Yangon," said a Treasury officer, who asked not to be called.

" Some of the few entertainments include a weak aquatic font garden and a surprise contemporary animal sanctuary just outside the town. Subsequent parliamentary sittings will be much more vivid. There are many fears that the hard-liners in Congress will hinder the fast changes that the countrys leader, Thein Sein, has been leading since he took over in February 2011.

"The truth is that the army will make sure that all reform reinforces its leading position in domestic policy and controls it in essence. Suu Kyi recently withdrew from her reluctance to swear loyalty to the US Constitutional Treaty - a paper that has been widely denigrated because it guarantees the army a key policy position.

However, Mr Lin, the Yangon homeschool teacher before becoming a member of the NLD last months, says it will be a long trial to break the military's grasp. There is still a great deal of power in the army.

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