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Burma Ghost Movies

Subtitle Myanmar Thai Ghost Movie Posté par Oak Kar weiterlesen. The land of green spirits: It' basically a makeover of the first film in which the evil tree spirit is back with another spirit of Joey Wong. Cycle around Nyuang Shwe Town, Lake Inle Myanmar, Lake Inle.

It' had catastrophic effects on our cinemas and the entire industry,' he said.

Awakening of the ghost movie scene from the grave

So long as ghost movies have been hiding under the ceiling of censure, they have appeared behind the doors of censure to scare the audience, which has been spoiled by a constant dieting of clapstick and lock-dramas - the only movies that have averted this. Mile Post 26 - director: Maung Myo Min - is one of the first ghost movies to scare an audience and has been shown at Junction Square, Junction Nay Pyi Taw and Taw Win Centre since the beginning of July.

Maung Myo Min's claim is a real tale and follows a crash with a mom and a girl at Mile Post 26 on the Pyin Oo Lwin Ringstrasse. Producing and starring Kunn Sint Naychi told the Myanmar Times the storyline, and added that the ghosts of the killed woman swear to torture the killer until he is tried.

"It' a real storyline, and it was made at the site of the accident," says Kunn Sint Naychi. Like the antiheroes of the picture, the picture itself is a revival - an early attempt entitled Mile Post 76 was prohibited by the authorities in 2011.

"I had to overcome many obstacles from the beginning to the end of the film," she said. She added: "I believe in minds and minds, and I had the feeling that there were minds in some sequences. Sint Naychi said she was convinced of the film' s qualities and registered it for Cathay Cineplex in Singapore.

It''s interwoven into the real story of two people who died in an accident," she said. "Most of the ghost films are frightening and are aimed at frightening the public, which prompted the authorities to censor them. It''s been very difficult in the past to get approval to broadcast ghost films,' she said.

While Mile Post 76 was censored, she added that illicit DVD and VCD copying found its way onto the streets. Staged by Maung Myo Min with Thu Htoo San and Kunn Sint Naychi.

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