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A bibliography of Burma's geology, geography and geosciences. It also provides information about Myanmar. Chairman of the Myanmar Geographic Association. Fundamental information about the geography and the surroundings of Burma/Myanmar. Search results for Myanmar environment.

Gold country and its geographical location

Burma lies at the intersection of the great Asian civilisations of India and China and overlooks the huge Indian Ocean next to Thailand. Myanmar, one of the biggest and most varied in Southeast Asia, extends from the glittering Andaman Sea isles in the southern Andaman Sea to the Himalayas in the east.

Myanmar is still one of the most enigmatic and unexplored travel destination in the whole wide globe - a nation of breath-taking natural beauties and charms that has only recently entered the contemporary age. Burma has all the delicacies of Asia in one of the most intriguing countries in the Middle East. Situated in the heart of the countryside, the country's tourist facilities include five-star real estate, private business boutiques and boarding homes in all the main centres, as well as spectacular resort towns in the mountains and on the lakes.

Burma also has one of the worlds best record-breaking tourism crimes, so people can be sure that their holidays will be worry-free from beginning to end. Whether you are traveling down the majestic Ayeyarwaddy River in a stylish way, ballooning over the antique town of Bagan or looking for this intangible animal on the back of an Elephant, there is always a sense of adventurers.

Three state-of-the-art in-house carriers that are extending and extending their network are progressively opening up new and thrilling off-path locations - from mountaineering and canoeing in the far northern hemisphere to world-class scuba in the Mergui Archipelago. Above all, however, Myanmar provides the most cordial welcome in Asia.

Burma is the biggest mainland nation in Southeast Asia, bordering Thailand, Laos, China, India and Bangladesh.

Myanmar Geography - Myanmar travel guide

Myanmar's past and present have been significantly affected by its geographer. Myanmar's geographic criteria have a significant influence on the country's position, particularly during the Colonisation, when it became one of the hubs of European-Asian commerce, in addition to its terrain or climatic conditions.

Myanmar Studies of Jurisprudence allows us to better understanding the origin of conflict and dispute for the land and an optimal itinerary for Myanmar. It borders Bangladesh and India to the north and north-west, China to the North and Northeast and Laos and Thailand to the East and Southeast.

Hkakabo Razi with a height of 5900m is the highest point of the area. It also has a very large opening on the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea (more than 1900 km of coast). After migration from neighbouring states such as the Shans, these are ethnical minority groups who have established themselves there.

Myanmar's geographical situation, in particular its relief and the division of its people, has made it possible to establish the various regional subdivisions of the state. Burma's topographic maps clearly show that the nation is subdivided into 7 states and 7 areas, most of which are named after their capitals and home to people of Burma people.

For some states, such as Rakhine or Shan, most of their inhabitants are Myanmar immigrants. Countries and territories are also subdivided into quarters. One of the most important factors for the successful outcome of your journey in Burma is the climatic and meteorological conditions in Myanmar.

It' important to remember that the Myanmar climate is tropic with monsoons. From November to February, the climate is cool and arid during the winter months. From March to May, the temperature is very high during the warmer months, often exceeding 35°C. After all, it is very wet and heated during the months of June to October.

In spite of the impact of the monsoon on the land, rainfall differs from place to place. So the best part of the year to come to the countryside is during the winter months, from November to February. However, it is the touristic period. Throughout your Myanmar trips, many of the activity you can do will vary depending on the geographical location of the land and its climat.

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