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Burma General Information

Burma is a truly lush destination, relatively untouched by tourism, offering a rare window to a less urbanised, biodiverse landscape of Southeast Asia. Myanmar Customs is still developing its e-customs and NAWI systems. It is our pleasure to welcome your customers in Myanmar. This general information sheet is included to help you improve your future trip to Myanmar. For more information on polio transition planning, visit the GPEI website.

About Myanmar - Myanmar Tours

Throughout this time there is relatively no precipitation in the centre and north of Burma, with Mandalay, Bagan and Inle Lake included. Myanmar's highest peak is Lisu, also known as Hkakabo Razi, 5881 meters above sealevel, the second highest is the Gam Long Razi at 5835 meters. The longest and most important of these are the Irrawaddy with its Chindwin, Sittaung and Thanlwin creeks.

Myanmar has a total of more than 53 million people (annual increase of 1.61%). Myanmar is the primary and offical languages. Yangon, from/to Yangon: We offer flights from Yangon to Bangkok, Singapore, Doha, Vienna, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Calcutta, Chiang Mai, Dhaka, Delhi, Kunming and Taipei.

To/To Mandalay: To/Naypyidaw Airport (Nay Pyi Taw): We offer Nay Pyi Taw flights to some of the following destinations: In Kuala Lumpur, Mandalay, Mandalay, Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi), Kunming, Yangon, Heho, Mandalay, some major airline companies are flying to Yangon: All Myanmar residents require a current pass (minimum 6 months) with an entrance visas.

Tourist and commercial vouchers are 28-day. They can prolong your stay for 14 or 28 additional workdays. Any visitor, even a child from 7 years of age, needs a visitor entry permit. Arrival Visa: Money, jewellery, electronic equipment and camera must be registered at the airports.

There are no immunizations necessary for a Myanmar trip. Thai cooking influences Myanmar and China is a neighbour country of India's cuisines. From Yangon, Mandalay or Nay Pyi Taw International Airport you can rent a taxi or a rental car. Air Mandalay, Air Mandalay, Yangon Airways, Air KBZ, Asia Wings Air Bagan and Yangon and Bagan fly Giua (Nyaung U), Mandalay (Thada U), Heho (Inle / Taunggyi) tachilic, Kyaing Tong, Thandwe (Ngapali) and Sittwe (Mrauk U) and other well-known sights.

Myanmar's railways are open to international travellers such as Yangon - Mandalay trains are the most used. Myanmar is simple and sometimes not straight. Expressbus: Privately air-conditioned bus from Yangon to Bagan Plays, Meikhtila, Pyay, Mandalay and Taunggyi, Kyaik HTI Yo, well-known sights and other points.

The Mandalay - Bagan are two-storey expedited ships that run on a daily excursion. Central Post Office is situated at Bo Aung Kyaw Street-ins and Strand Road in Yangon. Plants 09: 30 to 16:30 These provide almost visit to the main locations calling, faxing and teletext.

In Myanmar, mobile phone services are still not a good one. MST is 6:30 before Greenwich Mean Time (GMT / UTC). There are three different times of the year in Myanmar: winters, summers and monsoons. Appointments should be made in advanced and timeliness is valued in Myanmar.

It is common in Myanmar to shook and walk the first time you meet. Visitors from abroad and abroad who arrive at the borders with a current entry permit are permitted to travel to the areas mentioned below: Tours with current travel permits from authorized travel agencies are permitted to access the check-point and fly or sail via Bamaw to Mandalay and Yangon.

All-inclusive tours with visas, organized by authorised travel agencies, can be made by plane via Tachileik to Mandalay and Yangon. All-inclusive tours with visas, organized by authorised travel agents, can be taken by plane via Mai Lar to Mandalay and Yangon.

Myanmar's fast and convenient way to get around is by plane. A few of the most famous companies would be these: and Wings Asia. If you are travelling outside Yangon, you should have your pass with you. Fast and convenient way of travelling inland is with Mandalay, Bagan, KBZ, Asia Wings and Yangon Airways, the privately-owned national airline companies.

When travelling outside Yangon, passports should be kept with you. Some of the following jurisdictions have Yangon embassies and consulates:

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