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Statistics live for Myanmar's economy. GDP growth rate by year, historical and current data. Burma: Real GDP and inflation - chart: Burma oil and gas company. The share of agriculture in Myanmar's gross domestic product (GDP).

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Myanmar region[Burma] Survey 2012 to 2017 Additional information * Estimate. Myanmar region[Burma] Survey 2012 to 2017 Additional information * Estimate. It' simple to manoeuvre and the information is in a form that can flow directly into a story or present.

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Liquidity surplus/deficit (% of GDP) for Myanmar | FRED

Net income or loss is income (including grants) less expenses, less the net purchase of non-financial intangibles. The 1986 JRC Handbook recorded unfinancial items of property, plant and equipment under revenues and expenses. The liquidity gap is nearest to the previous total household account balances (loans are still outstanding less redemptions, which are now shown as finance items under net purchases of investments).

The World Bank sources: The International Monetary Fund, Government Finance Statistics Yearbook and datafiles as well as World Bank and OECD GDPs.

GNP is not sufficient for the economy to grow

With the emergence of a new administration expected to stimulate GDP in the near future, but long-term, integrated GDP expansion will be more challenging, said senior administration and business leaders at a meeting this weekend. On 11-12 January, the two-day event, which took place at the Yangon Economics Institute, was entitled "New Myanmar beyond 2015":

Bringing together regional economics experts, business advisors to the presidential and senior administration officers. While Myanmar is experiencing strong GDP expansion, which is likely to persist, the advantages have been felt by a small part of the population. IMF forecasts 8.5 per cent GDP increase in 2015 and 8.

2pc for 2016 - above of 7. 2pc 2014. However, despite the upswing, there was still no genuine financial recovery, said U Tin Win, chairman of the Maykha Hall Foundation of the Yangon Economics Institute. He said that the proportion of GDP was still unjust as a result of the monopolisation of the economy by a relatively small group of the population.

Though GDP grew 8. 6pc in 2015, rate of increase may be above the fiscal year 2015-2016 11. The issues discussed at the meeting also addressed the question of bribery, which remains a serious concern in Myanmar. They said that poor legislation and policy have also slowed down the economy. Poor regulation would hinder significant GDP expansion in 2016, although in the long run, advances in this area could open the way for GDP expansion.

Trading volume between April 1, 2015 and January 8, 2016 totaled USD 20. About 70 percent of Myanmar's people depend on farming and stock, the representatives of the Myanmar authorities who addressed the meeting said. Twenty-five years later, the economy welcomed more than $4. 1 billion in FDI between April 1, 2015 and December 31, which was again lower than the same 2014 bout, the principal of Investments and Company Administration said.

Thura Swiss, a finance consultancy, said it was necessary to raise the standard of governance in various offices and divisions. Poor governance is hampering Myanmar's economy, he said. He said if the administration were to focus on one area, it should reduce the level of bribery.

Improved cosmopolitan relationships under the new National League for Democracy (NLD) administration would lead to changes, said U Aung Thura. However, a genuine reform would be dependent on how much transformation the new administration really wants, he said.

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