Myanmar Gazetted Holidays 2016

Burma Gazetted Holidays 2016

9/29/2016 on 30 May 2016 with the announcement of the Gazetted holidays for. Market closes every Monday and Gazetted Holiday in Myanmar. On 30 May 2016, the Government of the Union issued No 29/2016 announcing the Gazetted Holidays. 2011 Myanmar Holiday Calendar. Vacation and Holidays Act, 1951 (Act of July 2014).

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Welcome by our qualified tour leader at the airport before your check-in to your chosen destination.

Welcome by our qualified guides at the airport before your check-in to your chosen destination. It starts with the Yangon and Myanmar's most important sacred memorial. SWEDAGON PAGODE swedagon pagode, this gorgeous and impressive 9 metre high is covered with 60 tonnes of 60 tonnes of golden with a unique 75 carats of diamonds at the top.

Afterwards, the National Museum, established in 1952. Then, attend HtweOo Myanmar Traditional Puppet Show to see the champions at work. At night we' ll be visiting the River Gallery, where extensive works of art by young artists from the region are on display. Afterwards we will go back to the Yangon for the night.

Early in the morning at the guesthouse we head to Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda (Golden Rock). Founded in 1951 by the CWC, it is the biggest of the three graveyards in Myanmar and the last burial place for over 6,000 CW troops who campaigned in Burma during the First and Second World Wars.

From there you go directly to Kyaikhtiyo (Golden Rock). After arriving in the city of Kinpun at the base of the Kyaikhtiyo Mountains, where the transport of busses in large pick-up truck is converted for 45 min to the coach station near the top of the hill, from where it will be only about 15 min walking distance to the Golden Rock.

Upon arrival at the top, you will be transferred to the hotels for check-in. Take a walk through the panorama and watch the sundown. Back to the lodge and spend the night in Kyaikhtiyo. Back to Kinpun after having finished our morning meal for the drive back to Yangon. Along the way you will be visiting the Kanbawzathadi Palace of King Bayintnaung, the creator of the second Myanmar Empire.

Proceed to Shwemawda Lagoda, Myanmar's highest lagoon, thought to contain two cords of Buddhaha' style Buddhaha. It also has a belfry of King Dhammazedi, a coronet of King Bayinnaung and a tower parasol of King Bodawpaya. Next we are visiting the Shwetharlyaung pit, which we believe was constructed by Mon King Mingakardeipka in 1994.

After that we go on to Yangon for the night in Yangon. BogyokeAung San (Scott) Markets, which sells ancient Myanmar crafts and jewellery, arts and crafts and apparel as well as food, clothes and merchandise, is open after breakfasts. Markets in Myanmar every Monday and Gazetted Holiday.

Every last minutes gift shop is followed by a short stop at the Trinity Church next to the square. The oldest Myanmar necropolis, this church has various regiment badges of the Alliance army hanging on a single side, and a showcase is a leather-bound document with soldiers of the United States who died during the Great Depression.

Next you are visiting the old Yangon old settlement. Burma has the most colorful cities in Southeast Asia and the best example is the City Hall, the High Court House with its clock tower and the ministerial house that takes up the whole area. Afterwards return to the motel and spend the night in Yangon.

Following your morning meal and cheque รข "out of the motel, you will be transferred to the International Airports for your dep. Along the way visiting the Kyauktawgyi Pagoda, which houses one of the largest Buddha in Myanmar. This picture's classic name is Lawkachantha Abaya Labamuni (World Peace And Prosperity), if you have the necessary amount of free space; please go to the Royal Elephant Camp in Mindama Hall before departing for the airfield.

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