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At Yangon we met the gay boy Aung Zuy, who told us about the gay bars and gay life in Yangon. Being a gay man in Yangon, there are very few places where I can meet gay people. There are no gay bars and hardly any public gay events in the city. The new Myanmar middle class youth. Same sex sexual activity remains illegal in Myanmar.

2018 Yangon Gay Bar & Club Guide - Press review, pictures, maps

While most of the Yangon nightclubs and pubs draw a diverse audience, there is a frequent gay, dyke and friend parties called'FAB'. Gay, crêpery, bistro and winery, with a great ambience and nice people. Tuesdays Ô'thentic organizes "Friends TuesGay" - a gay and dyke nights in Yangon.

Gay, lesbian & boyfriend evening in Yangon at the MUSE Bar. The FAB offers DJ's and DJ's live musical kits, a relaxing atmosphere and a welcoming audience. The money from the event goes to Yangon GGBT, organized by YG Event - see FAB's Facebook page for further information on forthcoming shows.

Faggot living in Yangon - how is it to grow up gay in Myanmar?

Burma is a very old-fashioned and faithful land where about 89% of the people practice Buddhism. The Myanmar junta has implemented comprehensive policy reform since 2010, which has opened the door further, particularly with regard to media scrutiny. Since then, this has enabled better coverage of topics related to Burma's ethnic groups, and thus a great deal of progress for the people of Burma, for example:

Burma has just had its first proud and open celebration with tens of thousand of visitors at the renowned &Proud Moviefestivals. Myanmar's first LGBT-Filmfestival took place in November 2014 under the title "&proud" with over 1,500 participants. On our hike to Inle Lake from Kalaw in Central Myanmar we only put on a few smile when we presented our brandnew Myanmar shelters: "The Inle Lake of Kalaw":

SO WHAT IS IT LIKE TO BE GAY IN MYANMAR? Although we are a traditional gay society, we have found a quite lively gay'scene' (by Asiatic standards) in Yangon. Aung Zuy, a native of Yangon, said what it was like to grow up in gay Myanmar and about gayness. I am Aung Zuy, 31 years old, Yangon-based gay community in Burma and a small child schoolteacher.

I have a small group in Yangon and it didn't take them long to find out. In refusing to be something I'm not, folks quickly came to the simple line that "he must be gay. 3 What was it like to grow up as a gay man in a state with a truly repressive army regimen?

Myanmar's tradition and ideals have always been very uptight. Burma's general cultural scene is very distressing from a sexual point of view, so there are very few opinions about what it is. The majority of respondents consider only transgender, transsexual and obviously soft individuals as gay. However, there are still many basic things that the state will catch up first, such as basic educational and healthcare.

You know that same-sex is still illegally and theoretically threatened with financial penalties and possibly lifelong detention. 5 The Myanmar larch liunghi (sarong): Are you in command? Somebody we saw in Bagan with Mr. Ling-hi, a local villager: Command or not? 6 Are there gay nightclubs or partys in Myanmar?

There is a gay men and women gay event FAB, which is organized by Gay Yangon events (YG) and is a lot of music. There' s also a ninth floor nightclub that mainly draws young natives and inquisitive, extravagant men like you! It is situated in the Mingal Zei group of houses, just off the old UK colony and near Lake Kandawgyi.

Recently a new gay-friendly gay café and dining area opened in the Yangon expats area named O'Thentic. 7 Are there any gay-friendly Yangon properties? There' s a hotel in Yangon that I know is very gay and gay welcoming, from my own experiences and from referrals from my visiting friends:

Shangri-La Yangon Sule: also central, near most touristic spots and great p! They' re very stylish. 8 What do you suggest to the Yangon population? Swedagon Pagoda is a must, because it is one of the most sacred places in Yangon. They can also attend the Bogyoke Aung San Museum for a lecture in Burma's local histor.

It' always full of people, especially in the evenings. FOODYS should take a look at the great Yangon streetside dining, which includes the many roadside teas. There are many great on-line sources about funny things in Yangon that I can also suggest.

It is an area of Mandalay during the full moons of August. Taung Byone Nat draws many transgenders. It is interesting because, in view of my country's anti-gay legislation, the trans-gender society is better received here than in other Western nations such as the United States.

View our Myanmar trip movie as we drove from Mandalay to Bagan, Inle Lake and Yangon:

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