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Cause it' funny to Joosk | The Myanmar Times

There is a need for a week-long cartoon editor in the area. The all too ordinary sequence (the typical farting character farting up to five to ten flicks a day) is the action of a Joosk cartoon, a souvenir of a souvenir film. It was published in June and reaped on Facebook.

Joosch's Facebook page has since produced a new story every Saturday mornings and has been a huge success. One of Joosk's founding fathers, Zayar Win Htet, 34, states that the goal of the show is to humorously portray everyday issues or situations: where one can easily fall asleep at work and how one can woo in the era of societal medias.

In the six to eight cartoon column authors take up people's routine in order to develop a series of actions that are easy but powerful - other skatological essays such as the different attitudes in the toilet seem to have found a cultural sequence. A part of Joosch's appeal is in his funny plot lines, but also in the sobriety of his desig.

While Joosk does not want to resell his comic books, he hopes to resell his trademark in the shape of merchandise. In other parts of the globe, where old industry struggles to adjust to the transition to the digital era, young Myanmar-based businesses have realized that a leading edge design could be just one way to market other things - just think, Walt Disney makes free movies just to promote the image of the protagonists with toy and clothing.

May Bee, a maiden; Maung Mhan, a lone man, or "forever alone," as the Myanmar call loner; Htoo Nan, a village dweller; and Pouk Si, a CEO. I' m sorry, but who is Joosk? Joosch's founders - initially four persons - gathered during an anti-hate initiative named "Panzagar" to counter the growing number of abuse in Myanmar's public service since the recent smart phone upsurge.

Confirmation came up with an animation mini-series entitled "Gwen University" ("Gwen" means clumsy in Burmese), inspired by the ups and downs of Myanmar's students' lives. Joosk finished the projekt two TV shows and nine movies later, where about 20 persons had to work around the hour.

He also attracted the attention of NGOs and non-governmental organizations that want to engage local residents to help shape their work. Thet Paing Kha, co-founder, says there are many benefits to using comic books to sharpen awareness: comic books are quite intuitive, impartial, easy to emphasize and folks won't confuse the cartoon with the vic.

Joosk also wants to see Burma's businesses part of the equation. In order to combat a lack of creativity, they organize courses for fundamental illustrations and designs in their atelier. More information can be found on the Joosk Studios page on Burma's website, which is available in English.

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