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Burma Funny Photo Commentary

Biggest photo fails with dogs the Internet has to offer! Photography workshop with documentary photographer and Nikon School UK trainer Mark Seymour, an adventure in Myanmar with a camera. mmmm is the best source of Burmese fun. And sometimes it's just fucking funny. It' funny that I was disappointed just minutes after my boat trip.

Commentaries on Myanmar's Kachin state: In flames still

Most" Myanmar Americans" are either Korean or Korean. Bamar is a small group in the "Burmese American" fellowship. That is why you see so many Chinamen in the Canadian NGO Friends of Burma. It'?s actually the Bamar, dummy. Bamar have considered their barbaric fate to create a "pure race" in Myanmar and are not shying away from genocide against indigenous peoples in order to reach their goals.

What are the Bamar doing against Rohingya and Karen? KIA should join forces with the Rohingya, Karen, Indians, Thais, Bangladeshi and Chinese to combat their partisans. No-one wants Bamar to be genocide! When Aung San takes over, Myanmar will become another Serbia and it seems that the great Bamar overwhelmingly supports their regime in the process of ethnically cleansing Myanmar's minority population.

"He said this indignation is intended to reinforce the President's position on the Rohingya question. Amateur protests wear T-shirts with a photo of Thein Sein and a "tick" on the front and a photo of UN United Nations High Commissioner for Humit. Tomás Ojea Quintana on the back. Rohingya are described in on-line bulletin boards as such.

Commentators call on the regime to "make them disappear" and seem particularly outraged that the West and the United Nations are emphasising their predicament. Is everyone racial? It' s the Chinese, silly. Burma military officials (from Than Shwe and Tin Aung Myint Oo) are severely corrupted by the Chinese.

Together with Arunachal Pradesh, China considers the Kachin state as South Tibet (Zhang Nan) and wants to use this area as a take-away chef for the production of herbs. KIA should combat China's mega-projects, in particular the Myitsone reservoir and the gas-oil pipe, and stop the trafficking of wood, Jad and bullion into China (in exchange for arms and cash).

Chinese cheat on them. Mr Kachin, Karen and a few other racial groups, but he also wants you to be discriminating against the Chinese (and probably also the Indians, to judge by his other posts) because he thinks that the Chinese are a "greater threat" than the Rohingya.

By the way, it is very funny that he says that "Burmese independence and nationality should not be founded on racial, religious or colored skin" and yet all Rohingya, Chinese and probably Indians are called "illegal" because of their racial and religious colors, lol. I' m guessing this pretense got erased by the racial Bamar.

You will then have the safety of the northerly passage between the two great neighbours India and China. Burmese are too "obsessed" with the "Rohingya invasion". I believe that the Chinese are a much more serious danger to Burma's independence and dignity than the impoverished "illegal" Muslims of Rohingya (from Bangladesh?), whom I would not believe.

They only want to explore Burma's indigenous nature and enter the land with "illegal" Yunnan migrants from China. Myanmar nationality and independence should not be founded on racial, religious or color! If you give a Chinaman your little fingers today, he will own your woods, your streams, your mines and even your girls tomorrow" Rescue the Irrawaddy Rainbow-Dolphin!

You will then have the safety of the northerly passage between the two great neighbours India and China. If Myanmar were flourishing with safe routes of transportation between India and China, it would be far more precious to both India and China than just the export of physical ressources to the two behemoth. Well, if certain people in Burma want to make foes of all of Myanmar's minority tribes and neighbours, then he will have many of them.

Bámar considers the Rohingya to be stateess. This was the 1982 Nationality Act passed during the reign of the hideous Ne Win, which refused the Rohingya the right to citizen. Aung San, U Nu and others recognised the right of the Rohingya to be a citizen during the negotiation of Britain's sovereignty.

Is she convinced that the Rohingya have the right to liberty without anxiety? China, India and the regimes all want to be stable, but the most important political parties continue to go the wrong way. That can turn out to be a sliding chasm for the government, and you can wager that the population will not stop urging it to gain its freemen.

Their contribution is that the Myanmar should concentrate only on hate the Chinaman instead of Rohingya? So when will you see that scapegoats for minority groups and hatred of aliens are the root of your problem, not the work? Well, the Bamar also kill the Karen (Buddhists), the Rohingya (Muslims), and after certain Bamar from abroad that are posting on this board, the Chineses (mostly atheists) and Indians (mostly Hindus) also want to kill.

It' about Bamira racialism against non-Bamar. I' m sorry, I didn't mean "you Bamar." "You are obviously not a Bamira like Tocharians because you are not a racialist. Thanks for campaigning for the Rohingya people' s right to life against the genocide of the oppressor people. Don't be alarmed, most of the racial Bamiar terrorists I know are very old and are likely to be killed soon.

When she and her generations are killed, Myanmar will be able to see the benefits of the world. Whether or not it is in China, the general opinion will not approve of the Myitsone or Shwe Gas projects. They can' t just kill men as they were used to with the "democratization process" they were forced to because they now want so much West investments and are weaning themselves from China.

You just don't go on being obsessed and all you do is go with the Chinese in Burma. It is about foreign aggressive behaviour, occupying, proselytising, taking over the country, exploiting, all these things, and not about color, raciality or religious belief per se, although, I admit, they cannot be viewed in an isolated way. I sincerely apologize to the non-racist Bamar like yourself.

It' a pity that you are often accidentally associated with the racial Bamar.

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