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View the latest videos from Myanmar. The Myanmar Youtube Channel, Myanmar Funny comedy Channel. Unbelievable movie with a very moving story! " It was sad and funny," says a Burmese businessman in Yangon. Myanmar's observations of someone who is rightly misunderstood as a foreigner.

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It was an effort to reach a compromise on whether the item currently in Burma should stay there or be transferred to Myanmar, another name for the state. This should be based on the basis of the nomenclature and suggest points of consent that can be linked to what has already been previously negotiated.

Every point should be asked for assistance and the result will define the next point of agreement to be taken into account. The hope was that this would end with a point bearing the name of the paper and with a stronger agreement behind it. If one of the encyclopaedic titles is widely adopted over the other, it should be the headline of the work.

When the outcome is not a consensus: But, as folks said, and I would like to believe in goodness, but the folks who close it seem to have an underlying idea. The only other way to end the debate is if you want it to end is if you want it to end and if you don't want it to end, just back the cover of the paper as it is, and just want to "reverse-filibuster" all the efforts to find a compromise.

As the High Commander said, "It is just pro-Myanmar aid workers who keep opening up these fucking things in the hope that the overwhelming consensus will be reached when there are no more Burmese aid workers who can no longer participate in an unending struggle. "It is funny that only those who want the story to appear in Burma cannot be harassed by the never-ending debate.

In the case of other posts where there have been problems because of something like this and a conclusion is achieved, some new members usually come along and ask: "Why is the post here", and then a member who has been around for a while will reply by pointing them to the places where agreement has been achieved and ending the debate efficiently.

That did not happen with Burma, we had no agreement, we had no final outcome, and we did not exhaust all the options to end this debate, so those like me and other folks who want to bring the story to Myanmar are not new readers who came and were not there when the "elders" came to a conclusion that can be cited.

It has not yet been decided to be cited to newcomers complaining about it. Regent's Park said: "The writers must agree that there are alternatives that do not agree with their own opinions, but are still reasonable. "Yes, the writers should agree that they are sometimes mistaken, but that's not just 3 against 20 or so, that's a 50/50 divided discussion, and there was no agreement for Burma (or Myanmar), so why would the participating folks just lay down and the other half let the story out?

It doesn't belong to you. Also, if we should agree that your opinions are reasonable, then the opposite is the case: "that you should agree that there are other writers who have different opinions than you, but are reasonable. "And I don't use the term "yet" there, because there can only be one real one.

There' s only one right response to any questions, so there can only be one response to the issue "Should this item be in Burma? We have only one reasonable position, namely that we have no agreement on what this reasonable position is at the time.

Since there are more focussed on metadiscussion than the suggested exercise and there is no debate on the points suggested, I think it is quite clear that this will not lead to progres. As those who are interested in ending this debate without achieving a compromise on the nomination are now significantly more than those who are interested in continuing the debate, I propose that we rightly vote in favour so that we can move forward.

That means reaching an understanding with "Burma" until something new happens or comes to the surface. That is an agreeable arrangement, because: I' d like to discuss the opportunity to transfer this name to Burma (Myanmar) or something similar. Reason: Both Myanmar and Burma are recognisable today because they appear in so many wells.

I will not persuade the Burmese names that Myanmar is more frequent just because the fundraiser who came through my front doors was talking about the catastrophe in Myanmar, or because my Wal-Mart had toys that identified the country as Myanmar. I am sure the other side has made its own experience with the opposite.

Mighty Burma go first? Myanmar should be in the first place, as its name was traditionally used in British, while Myanmar is the more recent name. This is the site for the part of Burma that is in Asia and is currently under the control of a Burmese warjunta.

When you are puzzled by the nation's info box in the paper, you may be looking for the part of Burma in the United States that has been voted for - the NCGUB (which also has its own info box, by the way).

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